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Souto, Javier, Reverter-Gil, Oscar & Ostrovsky, Andrew N., 2014. New species of Bryozoa from Madeira associated with rhodoliths. Zootaxa, 3795 (2): 135-151.
10.11646/zootaxa.3795.2.3 [view]
Soutoavier, J.; Reverter-Gilscar, O.; Ostrovskyndrew, A. N.
New species of Bryozoa from Madeira associated with rhodoliths
3795(2): 135-151
Four new species of cheilostomate Bryozoa encrusting rhodoliths on Maƫrl beds are described from material collected at a single locality at Madeira Island. These are Coronellina atlantica n. sp., Hippothoa muripinnata n. sp., Chorizopora rosaria n. sp. and Hippoporella maderensis n. sp. A species of Schizomavella is left in open nomenclature. The genus Coronellina is transferred from the family Calescharidae and assigned to Microporidae. The close similarity of C. atlantica n. sp., a non-opesiulate species with deep depressions, to Coronellina fagei with opesiules, implies that the generally accepted evolutionary sequence from non-opesiulate to opesiulate species might not be the rule.
Atlantic Ocean (without specification)
Systematics, Taxonomy
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