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Patterson, R. T. (1986). Globofissurella and Cerebrina, two new foraminiferal genera in the Family Lagenidae. Journal of Micropaleontology. 5: 65-69.
10.1144/jm.5.2.65 [view]
Patterson, R. T.
Globofissurella and Cerebrina, two new foraminiferal genera in the Family Lagenidae
Journal of Micropaleontology
5: 65-69
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Globofissurella, a new genus of Oolininae, differs from other genera of the subfamily by its costate test and fissurine aperture. The type species Globofissurella scotti sp. nov., and an additional species, Globofissurella bulabrum sp. nov. are also described. Cerebrina gen. nov., type species Cerebrina perplexa sp. nov. differs from other genera of the subfamily Oolininae by its reticulate surface sculpture and fissurine aperture.
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Cerebrina Patterson, 1986 (original description)
Cerebrina akpatii (Sliter, 1968) † (new combination reference)
Cerebrina contusa (Parr, 1945) accepted as Fissurina contusa Parr, 1945 (new combination reference)
Cerebrina curvicostata (Sidebottom, 1912) (new combination reference)
Cerebrina depressula (Selli, 1946) † (new combination reference)
Cerebrina hexagona (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1916) accepted as Fissurina pulchella subsp. hexagona (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1916) (new combination reference)
Cerebrina lacunata (Burrows & Holland, 1895) accepted as Seguenzaella lacunata (Burrows & Holland, 1895) (new combination reference)
Cerebrina laqueata (Matthes, 1939) † (new combination reference)
Cerebrina laureata (Heron-Allen & earland, 1932) accepted as Fissurina laureata (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1932) (new combination reference)
Cerebrina perplexa Patterson, 1986 † (original description)
Cerebrina pirellii (Buchner, 1940) (new combination reference)
Cerebrina scarenaensis (Hantken, 1883) † (new combination reference)
Cerebrina schulzeana (Brady, 1881) accepted as Buchnerina schulzeana (Brady, 1881) (new combination reference)
Cerebrina squamosomarginata (Parker & Jones, 1865) accepted as Fissurina squamosomarginata (Parker & Jones, 1865) (new combination reference)
Cerebrina stellata (Sidebottom, 1912) accepted as Fissurina orbignyana subsp. stellata (Sidebottom, 1912) (new combination reference)
Cerebrina terrilli (Parr, 1938) † (new combination reference)
Cerebrina tricincta (Gümbel, 1870) † (new combination reference)
Cerebrina tumulosa (Buchner, 1940) † (new combination reference)
Globofissurella Patterson, 1986 accepted as Pseudoolina R.W. Jones, 1984 (original description)
Globofissurella basistriata (de Klasz, Le Calvez & Rérat, 1969) † (new combination reference)
Globofissurella bouei (Karrer, 1877) † accepted as Pseudoolina bouei (Karrer, 1877) † (new combination reference)
Globofissurella bulabrum Patterson, 1986 † accepted as Pseudoolina bulabrum (Patterson, 1986) † (original description)
Globofissurella byramensis (Cushman, 1929) † accepted as Fissurina byramensis (Cushman, 1929) † (new combination reference)
Globofissurella cornubiensis (Millett, 1895) † accepted as Fissurina cornubiensis (Millett, 1895) † (new combination reference)
Globofissurella costifera (Terquem & Terquem, 1886) accepted as Fissurina costifera (Terquem & Terquem, 1886) (new combination reference)
Globofissurella incomposita (Matthes, 1939) † accepted as Palliolatella incomposita (Matthes, 1939) † (new combination reference)
Globofissurella insigera (Poag, 1966) † (new combination reference)
Globofissurella multicosta (Karrer, 1877) accepted as Pseudoolina multicosta (Karrer, 1877) (new combination reference)
Globofissurella multicostulata (McCulloch, 1977) accepted as Pseudoolina multicostulata (McCulloch, 1977) (new combination reference)
Globofissurella scotti Patterson, 1986 † (original description)