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Darbyshire, Teresa. (2014). Intertidal and nearshore Nereididae (Annelida) of the Falkland Islands, southwestern Atlantic, including a new species of Gymnonereis. ZooKeys. 427(0): 75-108.
10.3897/zookeys.427.7296 [view]
urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:CCF51DC4-3AEA-4E49-AA12-1E26F6DF4CE7 [view]
Darbyshire, Teresa
Intertidal and nearshore Nereididae (Annelida) of the Falkland Islands, southwestern Atlantic, including a new species of <i>Gymnonereis</i>
427(0): 75-108
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Open Access article
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The intertidal and nearshore Nereididae of the Falkland Islands are detailed and a new species of Gymnonereis described. The new species, Gymnonereis tenera sp. n., is the first record of the genus for the Falkland Islands. It is, so far, only known from a few intertidal locations in fine and muddy sands. Main distinguishing characters are: jaw teeth absent (in adults), 3 papillae in Area V-VI, falcigers absent, second ventral cirrus present throughout. Nereis atlantica McIntosh, 1885, known only from the description of a single specimen and one doubtful record from the Falkland Islands, is reviewed and transferred to Perinereis on the basis of the presence of shield-shaped bars in Area VI of the proboscis and the absence of notopodial falcigers. A key to all seven species discussed is provided.
Falkland Island; w = Burdwood Bank
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Holotype NMW NMW.Z.2011.039.0102, geounit Falkland Islands, identified as Gymnonereis tenera Darbyshire, 2014
 Depth range

31-1886 m (?3660 m). [details]

 Depth range

Intertidal. [details]


Tierra del Fuego, Strait of Magellan, Cape Horn, Falkland Islands, South Shetland Islands, South Orkney Islands, ... [details]


Southwestern Atlantic Ocean: Falkland Islands. [details]


"... derived from the latin adjective tener meaning ‘soft, delicate’, referring to the very soft nature of the ... [details]


Sand, shell, stones; 31–1886 m. Has not been found intertidally. [details]


Found intertidally from mid to low shore in soft, fine sand or mud sediments. [details]


Sand, at shelf depths. [details]


"Gymnonereis tenera sp. n. is most similar to both G. sibogae and G. phuketensis and can only be distinguished from ... [details]


Darbyshire (2014:95) suggests the paragnath arrangement originally reported in the only specimen is from an ... [details]

 Type locality

Teal Creek, Darwin Harbour, East Falkland, Falkland Islands, S Atlantic, 51 49.248' S, 58 55.561' W (-51.82056, ... [details]