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Jirkov, I. A. and Leontovitch, M. K. (2013). Identification keys for Terebellomorpha (Polychaeta) of the eastern Atlantic and the North Polar basin. Invertebrate Zoology [aka Zoologiya Bespozvonochnykh]. 10 (2): 217 - 243.
Jirkov, I. A. and Leontovitch, M. K.
Identification keys for Terebellomorpha (Polychaeta) of the eastern Atlantic and the North Polar basin
Invertebrate Zoology [aka Zoologiya Bespozvonochnykh]
10 (2): 217 - 243
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Issue link: http://www.nature.air.ru/invertebrates/v10n2.htm
New user-friendly identification keys for 117 species of Pectinariidae, Ampharetidae, and Terebellidae from the eastern Atlantic and the North Polar Basin are presented. A new species Auchenoplax worsfoldi sp.n. is described. Three names Amphitrite affinis, Pista malmgreni, and Terebellides irinae are proposed as junior synonyms to other species
Arctic Basin in general
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Ampharetidae Malmgren, 1866 (identification resource)
Auchenoplax Ehlers, 1887 (additional source)
Auchenoplax crinita Ehlers, 1887 (redescription)
Auchenoplax worsfoldi Jirkov & Leontovich, 2013 (original description)
Melinnoides nelsoni Benham, 1927 (status source)
Octobranchus sikorskii (Leontovich & Jirkov in Jirkov, 2001) (new combination reference)
Pectinariidae Quatrefages, 1866 (identification resource)
Pista malmgreni Saphronova & Jirkov in Jirkov, 2001 accepted as Pista mediterranea Gaillande, 1970 (source of synonymy)
Proclea emmi Annenkova, 1937 (additional source)
Terebellidae Johnston, 1846 (identification resource)
Terebellides irinae Gagaev, 2009 (taxonomy source)
Terebelliformia (identification resource)
Trichobranchidae Malmgren, 1866 (identification resource)
Holotype ZMMU [not known], geounit Bay of Biscay, identified as Auchenoplax worsfoldi Jirkov & Leontovich, 2013

Named after Tim Worsfold, APEM Limited. [details]


Jirkov & Leontovich (2013:242) proposed Amphitrite affinis as a synonym of Amphitrite edwardsi (Quatrefages, 1866 ... [details]


According to Jirkov & Leontovich (2013:243) is not distinct from normal variation of T. stroemii. [details]

 Type locality

Aquitaine Basin, Bay of Biscay, lat/long assumed to be 45.25, -2.3 (given as 44 75'N, 1 78'W), 110 m [details]

 Type specimen

Type is missing (Fide Jirkov, 2013), thus perhaps incertae sedis. [details]