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Molodtsova, T. N. (2016). New records of Heteropathes Opresko, 2011 (Anthozoa: Antipatharia) from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Marine Biodiversity.
10.1007/s12526-016-0460-y [view]
Molodtsova, T. N.
New records of Heteropathes Opresko, 2011 (Anthozoa: Antipatharia) from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Marine Biodiversity
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Heteropathes opreski de Matos, Braga-Henriques,Santos & Ribeiro, 2014 (Antipatharia: Cladopathidae) was recently described based on a single specimen from northeast of the Oceanographer Fracture Zone, Mid-Atlantic. Several specimens of the same species were recently collected in the vicinity of Semenov and Irinovskoe ore clusters (northern subequatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge). Based on this new material, a re-description of the species, an emended diagnosis and a comparison with hitherto known species of the genus are provided. Such a diagnosis is needed because two key characters outlined in the original description as distinctive for this species (short lateral pinnules and larger spines at lateral pinnules) appear to be misinterpreted features caused by the poor condition of the holotype, which was damaged and undergoing regeneration. H. opreski differs from all other known species of the genus by more densely set lateral pinnules and occasionally anastomosing subpinnules on the anterior primary pinnules. The species is known exclusively from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (34°46.7' Nto13°19.43' N) at depths 1,955–2,738 m and is considered here as putatively endemic of the area.
Atlantic Ocean (without specification)
Bathyal, Continental slope
Systematics, Taxonomy
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