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Acanthocephalorhynchoides ussuriensis Kostylew, 1941 accepted as Pallisentis (Pallisentis) ussuriensis (Kostylew, 1941) Golvan, 1959 (additional source)
Acanthocephalus acerbus Van Cleave, 1931 accepted as Acanthocephalus echigoensis Fujita, 1920 (basis of record)
Acanthocephalus aculeatus Van Cleave, 1931 accepted as Acanthocephalus echigoensis Fujita, 1920 (additional source)
Acanthocephalus dirus (Van Cleave, 1931) Van Cleave & Townsend, 1936 (additional source)
Acanthocephalus echigoensis Fujita, 1920 (additional source)
Acanthocephalus gotoi Van Cleave, 1925 (additional source)
Acanthocephalus japonicus (Fukui & Morisita, 1936) Petrochencko, 1956 (additional source)
Acanthocephalus lizus Li, 1984 (additional source)
Acanthocephalus lucidus Van Cleave, 1925 (basis of record)
Acanthocephalus minor Yamaguti, 1935 (basis of record)
Acanthocephalus oncorhynchi Fujita, 1921 accepted as Acanthocephalus echigoensis Fujita, 1920 (basis of record)
Acanthocephalus opsariichthydis Yamaguti, 1935 (basis of record)
Acanthocephalus parallelotestis Achmerov & Dombrovskaja-Achmerova, 1941 (additional source)
Acanthocephalus rauschi (Schmidt, 1969) Amin, 1985 (additional source)
Acanthocephalus sichuanensis Wang & Zhang, 1987 (basis of record)
Acanthocephalus tahlequahensis Oetinger & Buckner, 1976 (additional source)
Acanthogyrus (Acanthosentis) multispinus Wang, 1966 (additional source)
Acanthogyrus (Acanthosentis) paucispinus Wang, 1966 (basis of record)
Acanthogyrus pseudoholospinus Wang, 1963 (basis of record)
Acanthosentis anguillae Wang, 1981 accepted as Acanthogyrus (Acanthosentis) anguillae (Wang, 1981) Amin, 1985 (basis of record)
Acanthosentis coiliae (Yamaguti, 1939) of Chen (1973) accepted as Acanthogyrus (Acanthosentis) cheni Amin, 2005 (basis of record)
Acanthosentis lizae Wang, 1986 (basis of record)
Acanthosentis similis Wang, 1980 (basis of record)
Allocreadium conicum Wang & Jiang, 1985 (basis of record)
Allocreadium ctenopharyngodonis Wang in Wang, Zhao, Chen & Tao, 1983 (basis of record)
Allocreadium gigas Wang, 1984 (additional source)
Allocreadium hupehensis Feng & Wang, 1997 accepted as Allocreadium hupehense Feng & Wang, 1997 (additional source)
Allocreadium hypophthalmichthydis (Akhmerov, 1960) Koval, 1966 (additional source)
Allocreadium multivitellatum Wang, 1984 (additional source)
Allocreadium opsariichthydis Wang, 1981 (basis of record)
Allocreadium schizothoracis Pande, 1938 (additional source)
Allocreadium varicorhini Wang, 1981 (basis of record)
Allogomtiotrema attu (Gupta, 1955) Yamaguti, 1958 (basis of record)
Allogomtiotrema vidarbhasi Lokhande, 1990 accepted as Allogomtiotrema attu (Gupta, 1955) Yamaguti, 1958 (basis of record)
Amphimerus anatis (Yamaguti, 1933) Gower, 1938 (basis of record)
Amurotrema dombrowskajae Akhmerov, 1959 (additional source)
Amurotrema spinibarbi Zhang et al., 1985 (basis of record)
Ancylodiscoides extima Ling in Chen, 1973 accepted as Silurodiscoides extima (Ling in Chen, 1973) accepted as Thaparocleidus varicus (Achmerow, 1952) Lim, 1996 (basis of record)
Ancylodiscoides extima Ling in Chen, 1973 (basis of record)
Ancylodiscoides extina Ling, 1973 accepted as Ancylodiscoides extima Ling in Chen, 1973 accepted as Silurodiscoides extima (Ling in Chen, 1973) accepted as Thaparocleidus varicus (Achmerow, 1952) Lim, 1996 (additional source)
Anguillotrema Chin & Ku, 1974 (additional source)
Anguillotrema papillatum Chin & Ku, 1974 (additional source)
Antennocara Wassilkowa, 1926 accepted as Schistorophus Railliet, 1916 (basis of record)
Antorchis parabotia Feng & Wang, 1997 (additional source)
Arhythmacanthus fusiformis Yamaguti, 1935 accepted as Heterosentis fusiformis (Yamaguti, 1935) Tripathi, 1959 (additional source)
Arhythmacanthus parasiluri (Yin & Wu, 1984) accepted as Heterosentis parasiluri Yin & Wu, 1984 (basis of record)
Arhythmacanthus pseudobagri Wang & Zhang, 1987 accepted as Heterosentis pseudobagri (Wang & Zhang, 1987) Pichelin & Cribb, 1999 (basis of record)
Arhythmacanthus septacanthus Sita in Golvan, 1969 accepted as Heterosentis septacanthus (Sita in Golvan, 1969) Amin, 1985 (additional source)
Arhythmacanthus sinipercae (Wang, 1983) (basis of record)
Ascarophis beryx Kataitseva, 1979 (basis of record)
Ascarophis cestus Chitwood, 1934 (basis of record)
Ascarophis cooperi Johnston & Mawson, 1945 (basis of record)
Ascarophis curvicauda Zhukov, 1960 (basis of record)
Ascarophis epinepheli Wang, 1984 (basis of record)
Ascarophis erythrichthys Kataitseva, 1981 (basis of record)
Ascarophis girellae (Yamaguti, 1935) (basis of record)
Ascarophis gymncranii (Yamaguti, 1935) (basis of record)
Ascarophis japonica Zhukov, 1960 (basis of record)
Ascarophis longispicula Zhukov, 1960 (basis of record)
Ascarophis malmae Dogiel & Achmerov, 1959 (basis of record)
Ascarophis orientalis Spasski & Rakova, 1958 (basis of record)
Ascarophis ovotrichiura (Skrjabin, 1924) accepted as Capillospirura ovotrichuria Skrjabin, 1924 (basis of record)
Ascarophis pacifica Zhukov in Spassky & Rakova, 1960 (basis of record)
Ascarophis pontica Nikolaeva, 1970 (basis of record)
Ascarophis prosper Naidenova, Dolgikh & Nikolaeva, 1970 (basis of record)
Ascarophis skrjabini (Layman, 1933) Polyanski, 1952 (basis of record)
Ascarophis sobolevi Parukhin, 1989 (basis of record)
Ascarophis upenei Parukhin, 1978 (basis of record)
Aspidogaster amurensis Achmerov, 1956 accepted as Aspidogaster conchicola von Baer, 1827 (additional source)
Aspidogaster ijimai Kawamura, 1915 (additional source)
Aspidogaster indica Dayal, 1943 (additional source)
Aspidogaster parabramae Tang & Tang, 1963 (additional source)
Asymphylodora hupehensis Wang & Pan, 1964 (basis of record)
Asymphylodora japonica Yamaguti, 1938 (additional source)
Asymphylodora kubanicum Issaitschikov, 1923 accepted as Asymphylodora kubanica Issaitschikov, 1923 (additional source)
Asymphylodora macrostoma Ozaki, 1925 accepted as Asymphylodora innominata (Faust, 1924) Shimazu, Urabe & Grygier, 2011 (additional source)
Asymphylodora renale Lee, Long & Chu, 1958 (basis of record)
Asymphylodora rhinogobio Wang, 1982 accepted as Prosovitellina rhinogobio (Wang, 1982) Wang, 1985 (basis of record)
Asymphylodora sinensis Wang & Pan, 1964 (basis of record)
Azygia cyprinus Wang (basis of record)
Azygia micropteri (MacCallum, 1921) Skrjabin & Guschanskaja, 1958 (additional source)
Azygia parasiluri Wang, 1983 (basis of record)
Azygia perryi Fujita, 1918 (additional source)
Azygia sangangensis Wang, 1981 (additional source)
Azygia sinipercae Wang & Pang, 1973 (additional source)
Azygia stunkardi Rai, 1962 (additional source)
Bacciger leptobotiae (Wang, 1981) Wang, Sun, Zhao, Zhang & Wang, 1985 accepted as Mesocoelium leptobotiae Wang, 1981 accepted as Mesocoelium burdwanensis Mukherjee, 1968 accepted as Mesocoelium burdwanense Mukherjee, 1968 (basis of record)
Bolborhynchoides exiguus (Achmerow & Dombrowskaja-Achmerova, 1941) Achmerov & Dombrovskaja, 1959 (additional source)
Bolbosoma caenoforme (Heitz, 1919) Meyer, 1932 (additional source)
Brentisentis chongqingensis Wei, 1998 (basis of record)
Brentisentis cyprini (Yin & Wu, 1984) Yu & Wu, 1989 accepted as Neotegorhynchus cyprini (Yin & Wu, 1984) Lisitsyna, Xi, Orosová, Barčák & Oros, 2022 (additional source)
Brentisentis uncinus Leotta, Schmidt & Kuntz, 1982 (additional source)
Brentisentis yangtzensis Yu & Wu, 1989 (additional source)
Bucephalopsis hupehensis Wang & Pan, 1964 accepted as Prosorhynchoides hupehensis (Wang & Pan, 1964) (basis of record)
Bucephalopsis kweiyangensis Chu, 1950 accepted as Prosorhynchoides kweiyangensis (Chu, 1950) Overstreet & Curran, 2002 (additional source)
Bucephalopsis luciobrama Wang, 1983 (additional source)
Bucephalopsis mystis Feng & Wang, 1995 accepted as Prosorhynchoides mystis (Feng & Wang, 1995) (additional source)
Bucephalopsis obpyriformis Gu & Shen, 1976 accepted as Prosorhynchoides obpyriformis (Gu & Shen, 1976) Liu, Peng, Gao, Fu, Wu, Lu, Gao & Xiao, 2010 (additional source)
Bucephalopsis ozakii Nagaty, 1937 accepted as Prosorhynchoides ozakii (Nagaty, 1937) Margolis & Arthur, 1979 (additional source)
Bucephalopsis percocypri Feng & Wang, 1997 accepted as Prosorhynchoides percocypri (Feng & Wang, 1997) (additional source)
Adriatic Sea for Capillaria bainae Justine & Radjuković, 1988 
Adriatic Sea for Proleptus acutus Dujardin, 1845 
Adriatic Sea for Proleptus obtusus Dujardin, 1845 
Adriatic Sea for Sclerodistomum italicum (Stossich, 1893) Looss, 1912 
Adriatic Sea for Sulcascaris sulcata (Rudolphi, 1819) Hartwich, 1957 
Alabama for Eocollis arcanus Van Cleave, 1947 
Alabama for Eocollis catostomi Buckner, 1992 
Alaska for Skrjabinoclava decorata (Solonitzin, 1928) Sobolev, 1943 
Alaskan Exclusive Economic Zone for Corynosoma semerme (Forssell, 1904) Lühe, 1911 
Alaskan Exclusive Economic Zone for Corynosoma strumosum (Rudolphi, 1802) Lühe, 1904 
Alaskan Exclusive Economic Zone for Skrjabinoclava brevispicula Bondarenko & Daiya, 1971 
Alberta for Skrjabinoclava bakeri Wong & Anderson, 1987 
Alberta for Skrjabinoclava bartlettae Wong & Anderson, 1988 
Alberta for Skrjabinoclava inornatae Wong & Anderson, 1987 
Alberta for Skrjabinoclava kritscheri Wong & Anderson, 1987 
Antarctic Ocean for Ascarophis nototheniae Johnston & Mawson, 1945 
Antarctic Ocean for Paranisakiopsis australiensis Johnston & Mawson, 1945 
Arabian Sea for Dujardinascaris cybii Arya & Johnson, 1978 
Arabian Sea for Heliconema heliconema Travassos, 1919 
Arabian Sea for Mehdiascaris bombayensis Kalyankar, 1969 
Arabian Sea for Pseudorhadinorhynchus dussumieri Gupta & Gupta, 1972 
Aral Sea for Antennocara Wassilkowa, 1926 
Aral Sea for Schistorophus skrjabini (Wassilkowa, 1926) Gushanskaya, 1950 
Arctic for Streptocara crassicauda (Creplin, 1829) Skrjabin, 1916 
Arctic Ocean for Ascarophis extalicola Appy, 1981 
Arctic Ocean for Halocercus monoceris Webster, Neufeld & MacNeil, 1973 
Arctic Ocean for Stegophorus stellaepolaris (Parona, 1901) 
Atlantic Coast of United States of America for Paranisakiopsis lintoni Johnston & Mawson, 1945 
Atlantic Ocean for Paranisakis squatinae Baylis, 1923 
Atlantic Ocean for Philometra macroandri (Shchepkina, 1978) Petter & Baudin-Laurencin, 1986 
Atlantic Ocean for Phlyctainophora lamnae Steiner, 1921 
Australian Exclusive Economic Zone for Skrjabinalius cryptocephalus Delyamure, 1942 
Azov sea for Gyrodactylus zhukovi Ling, 1962 
Baikal Lake for Ascarophis skrjabini (Layman, 1933) Polyanski, 1952 
Baltic sea for Capillaria gracilis (Bellingham, 1840) 
Baltic sea for Halocercus invaginatus (Quekett, 1841) Dougherty, 1943 
Baltic sea for Pseudalius inflexus (Rudolphi, 1808) Schneider, 1866 
Baltic sea for Torynurus convolutus (Kühn, 1829) Baylis & Daubney, 1925 
Barents Sea for Ascarophis morrhuae van Beneden, 1871 
Barents Sea for Rhabdochona denudata (Dujardin, 1845) Railliet, 1916 
Bay of Bengal for Goezia bilqeesae Gupta & Masoodi, 1990 
Bay of Bengal for Goezia rasheedae Gupta & Masoodi, 1990 
Bay of Bengal for Indocapillaria gibsoni De & Maity, 1995 
Bay of Bengal for Paraleptus macronemi Gupta & Srivastava, 1981 
Bay of Bengal for Paranisakis johrii Naqvi & Gupta, 1987 
Bay of Bengal for Paranisakis kherai Gupta & Garg, 1977 
Bay of Bengal for Paranisakis multipapillus Rajyalakshmi, Hanumantha Rao & Shyamasunderi, 1989 
Bay of Bengal for Paranisakis striatus Rajyalakshimi, Rao & Shyamasunderai, 1985 
Bay of Bengal for Proleptus australis Baylis, 1933 
Bay of Biscay for Ascarophis crassicollis Dollfus & Campana-Rouget, 1956 
Bering Sea for Ascarophis pacifica Zhukov in Spassky & Rakova, 1960 
Bering Sea for Halocercus dalli Yamaguti, 1951 
Bering Sea for Halocercus kirbyi Dougherty, 1944 
Bering Sea for Stenurus yamagutii Kuramochi, Araki & Machida, 1990 
Black Sea for Ascarophis pontica Nikolaeva, 1970 
Black Sea for Ascarophis prosper Naidenova, Dolgikh & Nikolaeva, 1970 
Black Sea for Echinocephalus spinosissimus (von Linstow in Shipley et Hornell, 1905) 
Black Sea for Goezia sigalasi Stefanski, 1938 
Black Sea for Goezia tricirrata Osmanov, 1940 
Black Sea for Gyrodactylus zhukovi Ling, 1962 
Black Sea for Halocercus kleinenbergi Delamure, 1951 
Black Sea for Halocercus ponticus Delamure, 1946 
Black Sea for Halocercus taurica Delyamure, 1942 
Black Sea for Proleptus robustus (van Beneden, 1871) 
Black Sea for Skrjabinalius cryptocephalus Delyamure, 1942 
Black Sea for Stenurus ovatus (von Linstow, 1910) Baylis & Daubney, 1925 
Black Sea for Streptocara crassicauda (Creplin, 1829) Skrjabin, 1916 
Bosnian and Herzegovinian Exclusive Economic Zone for Ascarophis skrjabini (Layman, 1933) Polyanski, 1952 
Bothnian Bay for Pseudocapillaria salvelini (Polyansky, 1952) 
Brazil for Echinocephalus daileyi Deardorff, Brooks & Thorson, 1981 
Brazil for Eustrongylides ignotus Jägerskiöld, 1909 
Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone for Halocercus brasiliensis Almeida, 1933 
Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone for Thalassomermis Tchesunov & Hope, 1997 
California for Gyrodactylus catesbeianae Wootton, Ryan, Demaree & Critchfield, 1993 
California for Skrjabinoclava hartwichi Wong & Anderson, 1987 
California for Skrjabinoclava inornatae Wong & Anderson, 1987 
Canada for Chevreuxia revoluta (Rudolphi, 1819) 
Canada (Arctic) for Pharurus alatus (Leuckart, 1848) 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Capillaria gracilis (Bellingham, 1840) 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Halocercus taurica Delyamure, 1942 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Skrjabinoclava bakeri Wong & Anderson, 1987 
Caribbean Sea for Ascarophis ayalai Caballero, 1975 
Caspian Sea for Cystoopsis acipenseris Wagner, 1867 
Chilean Exclusive Economic Zone for Stenurus australis Sarmiento & Tantalean, 1991 
China for Acanthocephalorhynchoides ussuriensis Kostylew, 1941 
China for Acanthocephalorhynchoides ussuriensis Kostylew, 1941 
China for Acanthocephalus gotoi Van Cleave, 1925 
China for Acanthocephalus lizus Li, 1984 
China for Acanthocephalus parallelotestis Achmerov & Dombrovskaja-Achmerova, 1941 
China for Acanthocephalus sichuanensis Wang & Zhang, 1987 
China for Acanthogyrus (Acanthosentis) multispinus Wang, 1966 
China for Acanthogyrus (Acanthosentis) paucispinus Wang, 1966 
China for Acanthogyrus pseudoholospinus Wang, 1963 
China for Acanthosentis anguillae Wang, 1981 
China for Acanthosentis coiliae (Yamaguti, 1939) of Chen (1973) 
China for Allocreadium hypophthalmichthydis (Akhmerov, 1960) Koval, 1966 
China for Allocreadium schizothoracis Pande, 1938 
China for Amphimerus anatis (Yamaguti, 1933) Gower, 1938 
China for Amurotrema dombrowskajae Akhmerov, 1959 
China for Amurotrema spinibarbi Zhang et al., 1985 


Adult apparently reported from Heterodontus francisci in the Mexican part of the Gulf of Mexico. [details]

 Editor's comment

Also reported from a Mediterranean fish by Manfredi et al. (1995). [details]


Nomenclature Taurica is a noun (referring to the Crimea) and therefore does not need to agree in gender with the ... [details]

 Publication date

Originally described in a thesis of ? 1985. [details]

 Publication date

Also appears to have been published in a ?thesis by Wang (1995). [details]

 Publication date

Publication date of 2000 issue of journal was 2001 [details]


Spelled plageorchis in some Chinese papers. [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Equivalent to Anisakis simplex (sensu lato) of authors. [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Not Dujardinscaris according to Sprent (1990). [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Malformed suffix. Should be orientale. DIG [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Malformed suffix. Should be samoense. DIG [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Sometimes erroneously cited as Polystoma nearcticum (Paul, 1935) Price, 1939, since, in fact, Paul had already made ... [details]


Probably a lapsus for C. merluccii. [details]