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Seo, J. E. (2009). A new species, Bicellariella fragilis (Flustrina: Cheilostomata: Bryozoa) from Jejudo Island, Korea. Animal Cells and Systems. 13(1): 79-82.
10.1080/19768354.2009.9647196 [view]
Seo, J. E.
A new species, <i>Bicellariella fragilis</i> (Flustrina: Cheilostomata: Bryozoa) from Jejudo Island, Korea
Animal Cells and Systems
13(1): 79-82
A new species of bryozoan, Bicellariella fragilis n. sp. is reported from Jejudo Island, Korea. It was collected at Munseom I. and Supseom I. off Seogwipo city by the fishing net and SCUBA diving from 1978 to 2009. The new species has characteristics of four to five dorso-distal spines and two proximal spines, whereas ten to twelve spines of B. sinica are not separated into two groups of the distal and proximal ones. And this species shows the difference from B. levinseni in having no avicularium.
North Pacific
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Bicellariella fragilis Seo, 2009 (original description)