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Nitta, M.; Nagasawa, K. (2018). An annotated checklist of the monogeneans (Platyhelminthes) reported from Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan (1936–2017), with four new Japanese records and one new prefectural record for fish monogeneans. Fauna Ryukyuana. 46, 11-34.
Nitta, M.; Nagasawa, K.
An annotated checklist of the monogeneans (Platyhelminthes) reported from Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan (1936–2017), with four new Japanese records and one new prefectural record for fish monogeneans.
Fauna Ryukyuana
46, 11-34
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Benedenia seriolae (Yamaguti, 1934) Meserve, 1938 (additional source)
Benedenia synagris Yamaguti, 1953 (additional source)
Cichlidogyrus halli (Price & Kirk, 1967) Paperna, 1979 (additional source)
Cichlidogyrus sclerosus Paperna & Thurston, 1969 (additional source)
Cichlidogyrus tilapiae Paperna, 1960 (additional source)
Dactylogyrus extensus Mueller & Van Cleave, 1932 (additional source)
Dactylogyrus minutus Kulwiec, 1927 (redescription)
Encotyllabe spari Yamaguti, 1934 (additional source)
Entobdella squamula (Heath, 1902) Johnston, 1929 (additional source)
Gyrodactylus bullatarudis Turnbull, 1956 (redescription)
Gyrodactylus turnbulli Harris, 1986 (redescription)
Haliotrema alatum Yamaguti, 1942 (additional source)
Haliotrema epinepheli Young, 1968 (redescription)
Haliotrema japonense Yamaguti, 1934 (additional source)
Haliotrema ornatum Yamaguti, 1942 (additional source)
Haliotrema recurvatum Yamaguti, 1942 (additional source)
Haliotrema spinicirrus (Yamaguti, 1953) Bychowsky & Nagibina, 1970 (additional source)
Haliotrema upenei Yamaguti, 1953 (additional source)
Heteronchocleidus buschkieli Bychowsky, 1957 (redescription)
Heteropriapulus heterotylus (Jogunoori, Kritsky & Venkatanarasaiah, 2004) Kritsky, 2007 (additional source)
Lamellodiscus elegans Bychowsky, 1957 (additional source)
Metabenedeniella hoplognathi Yamaguti, 1958 (additional source)
Nasoancyrocephalus Machida, 1979 (basis of record)
Nasoancyrocephalus diorchis Machida, 1979 (basis of record)
Neobenedenia melleni (MacCallum, 1927) Yamaguti, 1963 (additional source)
Polystoma rhacophori Yamaguti, 1936 accepted as Indopolystoma rhacophori (Yamaguti, 1936) Chaabane, Verneau & Du Preez, 2019 (additional source)
Polystomoides megaovum Ozaki, 1936 accepted as Uropolystomoides megaovum (Ozaki, 1936) Tinsley & Tinsley, 2016 (basis of record)
Protancyrocephalus strelkowi Bychowsky, 1957 (additional source)
Protolamellodiscus convolutus (Yamaguti, 1953) Oliver, 1987 (additional source)
Pseudohaliotrema sphincteroporus Yamaguti, 1953 (additional source)
Salsuginus seculus (Mizelle & Arcadi, 1945) Murith & Beverley-Burton, 1985 (additional source)
Tetrancistrum nasonis Young, 1967 (additional source)
Trilobiodiscus lutiani Bychowsky & Nagibina, 1967 (additional source)
Trinigyrus peregrinus Nitta & Nagasawa, 2016 (additional source)
Unilatus brittani Mizelle, Kritsky & Crane, 1968 (additional source)
Unilatus unilatus Mizelle & Kritsky, 1967 (additional source)
Okinawa for Cichlidogyrus halli (Price & Kirk, 1967) Paperna, 1979  (origin: alien)
Okinawa for Cichlidogyrus sclerosus Paperna & Thurston, 1969  (origin: alien)
Okinawa for Cichlidogyrus tilapiae Paperna, 1960  (origin: alien)
Okinawa for Dactylogyrus extensus Mueller & Van Cleave, 1932 
Okinawa for Dactylogyrus minutus Kulwiec, 1927 
Okinawa for Gyrodactylus bullatarudis Turnbull, 1956  (origin: alien)
Okinawa for Gyrodactylus turnbulli Harris, 1986  (origin: alien)
Okinawa for Heteronchocleidus buschkieli Bychowsky, 1957 
Okinawa for Heteropriapulus heterotylus (Jogunoori, Kritsky & Venkatanarasaiah, 2004) Kritsky, 2007  (origin: alien)
Okinawa for Polystoma rhacophori Yamaguti, 1936 
Okinawa for Polystomoides megaovum Ozaki, 1936 
Okinawa for Salsuginus seculus (Mizelle & Arcadi, 1945) Murith & Beverley-Burton, 1985  (origin: alien)
Okinawa for Trinigyrus peregrinus Nitta & Nagasawa, 2016  (origin: alien)
Okinawa for Unilatus brittani Mizelle, Kritsky & Crane, 1968  (origin: alien)
Okinawa for Unilatus unilatus Mizelle & Kritsky, 1967  (origin: alien)
Okinawa Island for Benedenia seriolae (Yamaguti, 1934) Meserve, 1938 
Okinawa Island for Benedenia synagris Yamaguti, 1953 
Okinawa Island for Encotyllabe spari Yamaguti, 1934 
Okinawa Island for Entobdella squamula (Heath, 1902) Johnston, 1929 
Okinawa Island for Haliotrema alatum Yamaguti, 1942 
Okinawa Island for Haliotrema epinepheli Young, 1968 
Okinawa Island for Haliotrema japonense Yamaguti, 1934 
Okinawa Island for Haliotrema ornatum Yamaguti, 1942 
Okinawa Island for Haliotrema recurvatum Yamaguti, 1942 
Okinawa Island for Haliotrema spinicirrus (Yamaguti, 1953) Bychowsky & Nagibina, 1970 
Okinawa Island for Haliotrema upenei Yamaguti, 1953 
Okinawa Island for Lamellodiscus elegans Bychowsky, 1957 
Okinawa Island for Metabenedeniella hoplognathi Yamaguti, 1958 
Okinawa Island for Nasoancyrocephalus diorchis Machida, 1979 
Okinawa Island for Protancyrocephalus strelkowi Bychowsky, 1957 
Okinawa Island for Protolamellodiscus convolutus (Yamaguti, 1953) Oliver, 1987 
Okinawa Island for Tetrancistrum nasonis Young, 1967 
Okinawa Island for Trilobiodiscus lutiani Bychowsky & Nagibina, 1967