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Herdman, W. A. (1906). Report on the Tunicata collected by Prof. Herdman at Ceylon in 1902. Rept. Ceylon Pearl Oyster Fish. 5(39): 295-348.
Herdman, W. A.
Report on the Tunicata collected by Prof. Herdman at Ceylon in 1902
Rept. Ceylon Pearl Oyster Fish
5(39): 295-348
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Ascidia donnani Herdman, 1906 accepted as Ascidia sydneiensis Stimpson, 1855 (original description)
Ascidia polytrema Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Botrylloides chevalense Herdman, 1906 accepted as Botrylloides chevalensis Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Ctenicella ridgewayi Herdman, 1906 accepted as Molgula ridgewayi (Herdman, 1906) (original description)
Cynthia aripuensis Herdman, 1906 accepted as Pyura vittata (Stimpson, 1852) (original description)
Cystodytes ceylonensis Herdman, 1906 accepted as Cystodytes dellachiajei (Della Valle, 1877) accepted as Cystodytes dellechiajei (Della Valle, 1877) (original description)
Didemnum areolatum Herdman, 1906 accepted as Trididemnum areolatum (Herdman, 1906) (original description)
Diplosoma viride Herdman, 1906 accepted as Diplosoma virens (Hartmeyer, 1909) (original description)
Ecteinascidia sluiteri Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Ecteinascidia solida Herdman, 1906 accepted as Rhopalaea crassa (Herdman, 1880) (original description)
Gynandrocarpa imthurni Herdman, 1906 accepted as Eusynstyela latericius (Sluiter, 1904) (original description)
Leptoclinum ceylonicum Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Leptoclinum margaritiferae Herdman, 1906 accepted as Leptoclinides dubius (Sluiter, 1909) (original description)
Leptoclinum ramosum Herdman, 1906 accepted as Trididemnum sibogae (Hartmeyer, 1910) (original description)
Leptoclinum viride Herdman, 1906 accepted as Didemnum viride (Herdman, 1906) (original description)
Microcosmus manaarensis Herdman, 1906 accepted as Microcosmus helleri Herdman, 1881 (original description)
Molgula taprobane Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Perophora hornelli Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Polycarpa colletti Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Polycarpa decipiens Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Polycarpa mutilans Herdman, 1906 accepted as Polycarpa papillata (Sluiter, 1885) (original description)
Polycarpa palkensis Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Polycarpa sluiteri Herdman, 1898 accepted as Polycarpa rigida Herdman, 1881 (original description)
Polycarpa twynami Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Polycarpa willisi Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Psammaplidium aurantiacum Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Psammaplidium ceylonicum Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Pyura lanka Herdman, 1906 (original description)
Rhabdocynthia ceylonica Herdman, 1906 accepted as Herdmania pallida (Heller, 1878) (original description)
Rhodosoma ceylonicum Herdman, 1906 accepted as Rhodosoma turcicum (Savigny, 1816) (original description)
Styela ascidioides Herdman, 1906 accepted as Polycarpa olitoria (Sluiter, 1890) (original description)
Styela pigmentata Herdman, 1906 accepted as Polycarpa pigmentata (Herdman, 1906) (original description)
Gulf of Mannar for Styela ascidioides Herdman, 1906 
Gulf of Mannar for Styela pigmentata Herdman, 1906 
Sri Lankan Exclusive Economic Zone for Polycarpa decipiens Herdman, 1906 
Holotype BM 1907.8.3.16, geounit Gulf of Mannar, identified as Styela pigmentata Herdman, 1906
Unknown type BM 1907.8.30.14, geounit Gulf of Mannar, identified as Styela ascidioides Herdman, 1906