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Pillai, T. Gottfried. (1971). Studies on a collection of marine and brackish-water polychaete annelids of the family Serpulidae from Ceylon. Ceylon Journal of Science (Biological Sciences). 9(2): 88-130.
Pillai, T. Gottfried
Studies on a collection of marine and brackish-water polychaete annelids of the family Serpulidae from Ceylon
Ceylon Journal of Science (Biological Sciences)
9(2): 88-130
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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summary. 1. Earlier work on the Serpulid Polychaeta of Ceylon is reviewed. 2 . A collection of marine and brackish-water Serpulidae from Ceylon is described. 3. Vermiliopsis leptochaeta, Serpula willeyi, Hydroides prisca, H. heterofurcata, H. rostrata and H. ancorispina are described as new species. Spirobranchus tricornigerus var. racemosus is described as a new sub-species. 4. Temporaria polytrema, Pomatoceros coeruleus, Spirobranchus gardineri, Hydroides lunulifera, H. monoccros and Ficopomatus macrodon are described as new records from Ceylon. 5. Spirobranchus coronatus Straughan 1967 is considered to be a variety of Spirobranchus tricornigerus Grube 1878. Temporaria oligotrema Straughan 1967 is considered to be synonymous with T. polytrema (Phillippi) 1844. Hydroides gradata Straughan 1967 and Hydroides basispinossus Straughan 1967 are regarded as being synonymous with H. inornata Pillai 196o. 6. The systematics of the genera Filograna and Salmacina is discussed. They are considered to be distinct genera. 7. The systematics of the sub-family Serpulinae is discussed. It is suggested that this sub-family be restricted to the closely related genera Serpula, Crucigera and Hydroides. 8. A comparative study is made of the members of the sub-family Ficopomatinae, namely, Ficopomatus macrodon, Mercierella enigmatica, Sphaeropomatus miamiensis and Neopomatus uschakovi. Populations of N. uschakovi from different parts of Australia are also described. The differences between Mercierella enigmatica and Neopomatus uschakovi are discussed. 9. A key to the species of Serpulid Polychaeta of Ceylon is provided .
Indian Ocean
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Syntype BMNH 1968: 143/144, geounit Sri Lanka, identified as Hydroides prisca Pillai, 1971
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unavailable name as a post-1960 variety. The database record currently places Spirobranchus tricornigerus var. ... [details]


Hartman Catalogue tentatively suggested H. minax and H. monoceros were the same. Pillai (1971: 112) maintained the ... [details]

 Type locality

Panadura River mouth, Panadura, western Sri Lanka coast, 6.715° 79.8992° [details]