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Kabata, Z. (1979). Parasitic Copepoda of British Fishes. The Ray Society, London. 152: i-xii, 1-468, figs. 1-203.
Kabata, Z.
Parasitic Copepoda of British Fishes.
The Ray Society, London
152: i-xii, 1-468, figs. 1-203
The World Of Copepods (T. Chad Walter)
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Parasites, Parasitism
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Advena Kabata, 1979 accepted as Kabatazus Özdikmen, 2008 (original description)
Albionella Kabata, 1979 accepted as Neoalbionella Özdikmen, 2008 (original description)
Anchistrotos onosi (Scott T., 1902) (redescription)
Bomolochus anonymus (Vervoort, 1965) accepted as Unicolax anonymous (Vervoort, 1965) (additional source)
Brachiella insidiosa Heller, 1865 accepted as Neobrachiella insidiosa (Heller, 1865) accepted as Parabrachiella insidiosa (Heller, 1865) (source of synonymy)
Caligoida accepted as Siphonostomatoida (source of synonymy)
Demoleus heptapus (Otto, 1821) (redescription)
Dinemoura producta (Müller O.F., 1785) (redescription)
Echthrogaleus coleoptratus (Guérin-Méneville, 1837) (redescription)
Eudactylina rachelae Green, 1958 accepted as Eudactylina similis Scott T., 1902 (source of synonymy)
Haemobaphes ambiguus Scott T., 1900 (redescription)
Haemobaphes cyclopterina (Müller O.F., 1776) (redescription)
Hatschekiidae Kabata, 1979 (original description)
Kroyeriidae Kabata, 1979 (original description)
Lernaea cyprinacea Linnaeus, 1758 represented as Lernaea cyprinacea cyprinacea Linnaeus, 1758 (redescription)
Lernaeocera branchialis (Linnaeus, 1767) (redescription)
Lernaeocera brevicollis Schuurmans Stekhoven J.H. Jr, 1935 accepted as Lernaeocera lusci (Bassett-Smith, 1896) (source of synonymy)
Lernaeocera lusci (Bassett-Smith, 1896) (redescription)
Lernaeopoda upenaei Pillai, 1962 (new combination reference)
Lernanthropidae Kabata, 1979 (original description)
Luetkenia asterodermi Claus, 1864 (redescription)
Neobrachiella Kabata, 1979 accepted as Parabrachiella Wilson C.B., 1915 (original description)
Neobrachiella indica (Tripathi, 1962) accepted as Parabrachiella indica (Tripathi, 1962) (source of synonymy)
Neobrachiella insidiosa lageniformis (Szidat, 1955) accepted as Neobrachiella insidiosa (Heller, 1865) accepted as Parabrachiella insidiosa (Heller, 1865) (source of synonymy)
Neobrachiella insidiosa pacifica Kabata, 1979 accepted as Parabrachiella insidiosa (Heller, 1865) (original description)
Orthagoriscicola Poche, 1902 (redescription)
Orthagoriscicola muricata (Krøyer, 1837) (redescription)
Pandarus bicolor Leach, 1816 (redescription)
Philorthragoriscus Horst, 1897 (redescription)
Philorthragoriscus serratus (Krøyer, 1863) (redescription)
Phyllothyreus Norman, 1903 (redescription)
Phyllothyreus cornutus (Milne Edwards, 1840) (redescription)
Pseudocharopinus pillaii Kabata, 1979 (original description)
Pseudocharopinus pteroplateae (Yamaguti & Yamasu, 1959) (taxonomy source)
Trebius caudatus Krøyer, 1838 (redescription)
Trebius spinifrons Milne Edwards, 1840 accepted as Trebius caudatus Krøyer, 1838 (source of synonymy)
Unicolax anonymous (Vervoort, 1965) (additional source)