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Halcampoides Danielssen, 1890

100743  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:100743)

Danielssen D.C. (1890). Actinida. <em>In: Den Norske Nordhavs-Expedition 1876–1878. Zoologi. Grøndahl & Søns, Christiania.</em>
page(s): 93-98 [details]   
Daly, M.; Fautin, D. (2022). World List of Actiniaria. Halcampoides Danielssen, 1890. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: https://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=100743 on 2022-05-22
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original description Danielssen D.C. (1890). Actinida. <em>In: Den Norske Nordhavs-Expedition 1876–1878. Zoologi. Grøndahl & Søns, Christiania.</em>
page(s): 93-98 [details]   

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additional source Ansell A.D. & Peck L.S. (2000). Burrowing in the Antarctic anemone, Halcampoides sp., from Signy Island, Antarctica. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology., 252, 1, 45-55.
page(s): 45-53 [details]   

additional source Rotvit L., Lützen J., Jespersen A. & Fox T. (2007). <i>Mysella gregaria</i> new species, a bivalve (Galeommatoidea: Montacutidae) from the Magellanic Region. <i>The Nautilus</i> 121(4): 191-200
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additional source Carlgren, O. (1949). A survey of the Ptychodactiaria, Corallimorpharia and Actiniaria. <em>Kungliga Svenska Vet- enskapsakadamiens Handlingar.</em> 1: 1–121.
page(s): 27 [details]   

additional source Oliver P.G. (1993). A new commensal bivalve associated with a burrowing sea anemone. <i>Halcampicola tenacis</i> gen. et sp. nov. (Galeommatoidea: Montacutidae) on <i>Halcampoides</i> sp. (Anthozoa: Antipatharia: Halcampoididae). pp.255-265. In: Wells, F. E., Walker, D. I., Kirkman, H. and Lethbridge, R. (eds.) Proceedings of the Fifth International Marine Biological Workshop: The Marine Flora and Fauna of Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Volume 1. Western Australian Museum, Perth.
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page(s): 439, 480, Table 14 [details]   

additional source Rodríguez, E.; Daly, M. (2010). Phylogenetic relationships among deep-sea and chemosynthetic sea anemones: Actinoscyphyiidae and Actinostolidae (Actiniaria: Mesomyaria). Public Library of Science One, 5, 6, 1-8
page(s): 4, 5 [details]   
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Nontype WAM [details]
Nontype WAM, geounit Australian Exclusive Economic Zone [details]
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Classification Family Halcampoididae Appellöf, 1896 reinstated for genera Halcampoides and Scytophorus (and others tentatively) as different than Halcampidae Andres, 1883 based of reexaminations of specimens, cnidae and genetics (see Gusmão & Rodríguez, 2021). [details]