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Chthamalus Ranzani, 1817

106126  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:106126)

Species Chthamalus angustitergum Pilsbry, 1916
Species Chthamalus anisopoma Pilsbry, 1916
Species Chthamalus antennatus Darwin, 1854
Species Chthamalus barilani Simon-Blecher, Jacob, Levy, Appelbaum, Elbaz-Ifrah & Achituv, 2021
Species Chthamalus barnesi Achituv & Safriel, 1980
Species Chthamalus bisinuatus (Pilsbry, 1916)
Species Chthamalus challengeri Hoek, 1883
Species Chthamalus dalli Pilsbry, 1916
Species Chthamalus dentatus Krauss, 1848
Species Chthamalus fissus Darwin, 1854
Species Chthamalus fragilis Darwin, 1854
Species Chthamalus hedgecocki Pitombo & Burton, 2007
Species Chthamalus malayensis Pilsbry, 1916
Species Chthamalus montagui Southward, 1976
Species Chthamalus moro Pilsbry, 1916
Species Chthamalus newmani Chan, 2016
Species Chthamalus panamensis Pilsbry, 1916
Species Chthamalus proteus Dando & Southward, 1980
Species Chthamalus sinensis Ren, 1984
Species Chthamalus southwardi Poltarukha, 2000
Species Chthamalus southwardorum Pitombo & Burton, 2007
Species Chthamalus stellatus (Poli, 1791)
Species Chthamalus williamsi Chan & Cheang, 2015

Species Chthamalus aestuarii Stubbings, 1963 accepted as Microeuraphia aestuarii (Stubbings, 1963) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus alani Chan, 2016 accepted as Chthamalus southwardorum Pitombo & Burton, 2007 (See note below)
Species Chthamalus apelloefi Nilsson-Cantell, 1921 accepted as Microeuraphia apelloefi (Nilsson-Cantell, 1921) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus belyaevi Zevina & Kurshakova, 1973 accepted as Rehderella belyaevi (Zevina & Kurshakova, 1973) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus calcareobasis Henry, 1957 accepted as Euraphia calcareobasis (Henry, 1957) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus caudatus Pilsbry, 1916 accepted as Caudoeuraphia caudata (Pilsbry, 1916) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus cirratus Darwin, 1854 accepted as Jehlius cirratus (Darwin, 1854)
Species Chthamalus cortezianus Laguna, 1985 accepted as Chthamalus hedgecocki Pitombo & Burton, 2007 (insufficient original description)
Species Chthamalus depressus (Poli, 1791) accepted as Euraphia depressa (Poli, 1791) accepted as Microeuraphia depressa (Poli, 1791) (Synonym)
Species Chthamalus giganteus Philippi, 1836 accepted as Pachylasma giganteum (Philippi, 1836) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus imperatrix Pilsbry, 1916 accepted as Microeuraphia imperatrix (Pilsbry, 1916) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus intertextus Darwin, 1854 accepted as Nesochthamalus intertextus (Darwin, 1854) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus mexicanus Laguna, 1985 accepted as Chthamalus southwardorum Pitombo & Burton, 2007 (insufficient original description)
Species Chthamalus microtretus Cornwall, 1937 accepted as Chthamalus fissus Darwin, 1854 (listed as synonym by Poltarukha, 2006)
Species Chthamalus neglectus Yan & Chan, 2004 accepted as Chthamalus sinensis Ren, 1984 (Liu and Ren (2007) based on morphology, suggest C. neglectus is synonym to C. sinensis. Chan and Cheang 2015, using molecular analysis, further proven C. neglectus and C. sinensis are conspecific.)
Species Chthamalus permitini Zevina & Litvinova, 1970 accepted as Microeuraphia permitini (Zevina & Litinova, 1970)
Species Chthamalus rhizophorae De Oliveira, 1940 accepted as Microeuraphia rhizophorae (De Oliveira, 1940) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus scabrosus Darwin, 1854 accepted as Notochthamalus scabrosus (Darwin, 1854) (generic reassignment)
Species Chthamalus withersi Pilsbry, 1916 accepted as Microeuraphia withersi (Pilsbry, 1916) (generic reassignment)

Species Chthamalus revilei Locard, 1878 (uncertain > taxon inquirendum, incertae sedis)
recent + fossil
Not documented
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taxonomy source Chan, B. K. K.; Dreyer, N.; Gale, A. S.; Glenner, H.; Ewers-Saucedo, C.; Pérez-Losada, M.; Kolbasov, G. A.; Crandall, K. A.; Høeg, J. T. (2021). The evolutionary diversity of barnacles, with an updated classification of fossil and living forms. <em>Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.</em> , available online at https://doi.org/10.1093/zoolinnean/zlaa160 [details]  OpenAccess publication 

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