Calling the WoRMS webservice from Matlab

This tutorial assumes you have installed Matlab (http://www.mathworks.nl/products/matlab/).

Step 1: Download the WSDL file
from "https://marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=soap&wsdl=1"
Name the file and put in folder of choice (e.g. "rootdir/WoRMS/aphia.xml")

Step 2: in Matlab: move to folder where wsdl file is located and run:
>> cd rootdir/WoRMS
>> createClassFromWsdl('aphia.xml')
This creates a subfolder @AphiaNameService which is populated by a series of m-files (e.g. getAphiaNameByID.m).

Step 3: in Matlab: add folder to Matlab's path:
>> addpath('rootdir/WoRMS/')
This completes the required set up.

Step 4: in Matlab: create an object of the class:
>> obj= AphiaNameService

Step 5: in Matlab: use one of the methods of the object
for example:
>> name = getAphiaNameByID(obj,127160)
which returns: name = 'Solea solea'

Credits for this tutorial go to Benoit Casault (DFO, Canada)