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Raes, M.; De Troch, M.; Ndaro, S. G. M.; Muthumbi, A.; Guilini, K.; Vanreusel, A. (2007). The structuring role of microhabitat type in coral degradation zones: a case study with marine nematodes from Kenya and Zanzibar. Coral Reefs. 26 (1): 13-126.
Raes, M.; De Troch, M.; Ndaro, S. G. M.; Muthumbi, A.; Guilini, K.; Vanreusel, A.
The structuring role of microhabitat type in coral degradation zones: a case study with marine nematodes from Kenya and Zanzibar
Coral Reefs
26 (1): 13-126
NeMys doc_id: 17703
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