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Verrill, A. E. (1885). Results of the explorations made by the Steamer Albatross off the northern coast of the United States, in 1883. Annual Report of the United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Washington. 11, 503-699, plates 1-43 (begin p.604).
Verrill, A. E.
Results of the explorations made by the Steamer Albatross off the northern coast of the United States, in 1883
Annual Report of the United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Washington
11, 503-699, plates 1-43 (begin p.604)
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb) A discursive voyage report with preliminary notes on taxa (no species descriptions as such) plus some plates. Annelida see p.524
NeMys doc_id: 3192
Descriptor: Cladocarpus flexilis
Systematics, Taxonomy
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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Actinauge longicornis (Verrill, 1882) (additional source)
Actinauge nexilis Verrill, 1883 accepted as Stephanauge nexilis (Verrill, 1883) (additional source)
Actinauge nodosa Fabricius, 1780 accepted as Hormathia nodosa (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Actinernus nobilis Verrill, 1879 (additional source)
Actinostola callosa (Verrill, 1882) (additional source)
Adamsia sociabilis Verrill, 1882 accepted as Calliactis sociabilis (Verrill, 1882) (additional source)
Amphiura fragilis Verrill, 1885 (original description)
Bolocera tuediae (Johnston, 1832) (additional source)
Caryophyllia communis (Seguenza, 1863) accepted as Caryophyllia (Caryophyllia) smithii Stokes & Broderip, 1828 (additional source)
Cladocarpus flexilis Verrill, 1885 (original description)
Culeolus tanneri Verrill, 1885 accepted as Culeolus suhmi Herdman, 1881 (original description)
Dasmosmilia lymani (Pourtalès, 1871) (additional source)
Desmophyllum cristagalli Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848 accepted as Desmophyllum dianthus (Esper, 1794) (additional source)
Epizoanthus abyssorum Verrill, 1885 (additional source)
Epizoanthus americanus Verrill, 1864 accepted as Epizoanthus papillosus Johnston, 1842 (additional source)
Epizoanthus paguriphilus Verrill, 1883 (additional source)
Flabellum goodei Verrill, 1878 accepted as Flabellum (Ulocyathus) alabastrum Moseley, 1876 (additional source)
Lophohelia prolifera (Pallas, 1766) accepted as Desmophyllum pertusum (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Ophiacantha fraterna Verrill, 1885 (original description)
Ophioglycera Verrill, 1885 accepted as Goniada Audouin & H Milne Edwards, 1833 (taxonomy source)
Ophiolebes acanellae Verrill, 1885 accepted as Ophiomitrella clavigera (Ljungman, 1865) accepted as Ophiosemnotes clavigera (Ljungman, 1865) (original description)
Ophioscolex quadrispinus Verrill, 1885 accepted as Ophioscolex (Ophiolycus) purpureus Düben & Koren, 1846 accepted as Ophiolycus purpureus (Düben & Koren, 1846) (original description)
Polynoe (Eunoa) acanellae Verrill, 1882 accepted as Neopolynoe acanellae (Verrill, 1882) (source of synonymy)
Polynoe acanellae (Verrill, 1885) accepted as Neopolynoe acanellae (Verrill, 1882) (basis of record)
Sagartia abyssicola Verrill, 1882 accepted as Sagartiogeton verrilli Carlgren, 1942 (additional source)
Sagartia acanellae Verrill, 1883 accepted as Stephanauge acanellae (Verrill, 1883) (additional source)
Synanthus mirabilis Verrill, 1879 accepted as Amphianthus mirabilis (Verrill, 1879) (additional source)
Synapta brychia Verrill, 1885 accepted as Protankyra brychia (Verrill, 1885) (original description)
Thenea echinata (Verrill, 1874) (additional source)
Urticina crassicornis (Müller, 1776) (additional source)
Canadian Exclusive Economic Zone for Actinernus nobilis Verrill, 1879 
Canadian Exclusive Economic Zone for Lophohelia prolifera (Pallas, 1766) 
Canadian Exclusive Economic Zone for Synanthus mirabilis Verrill, 1879 
Scotian Shelf for Cladorhiza grandis Verrill, 1879 
United States Exclusive Economic Zone for Urticina crassicornis (Müller, 1776) 
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