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Echinoidea taxon details

Brissopsis L. Agassiz, 1840

123418  (

Brissiopsis (misspelling)
Brissoma Pomel, 1888 (subjective junior synonym)
Brissopsis (Kleinia) Gray, 1851 (subjective junior synonym)
Bryssopsis † (misspelling)
Kleinia Gray, 1851 (subjective junior synonym)
Toxobrissus Desor, 1858 (subjective junior synonym)
Toxobryssus Meissner, 1903 (nomen vanum for Toxobrissus)
Zeugaster Lambert, 1907 (junior subjective synonym)
Species Brissopsis aguayoi Sánchez Roig, 1952 †
Species Brissopsis alta Mortensen, 1907
Species Brissopsis atlantica Mortensen, 1907
Species Brissopsis australis McNamara, Philip & Kruse, 1986 †
Species Brissopsis bengalensis Koehler, 1914
Species Brissopsis blanpiedi Grant & Hertlein, 1938 †
Species Brissopsis caparti Cherbonnier, 1959
Species Brissopsis columbaris A. Agassiz, 1898
Species Brissopsis crescenticus Wright, 1856 †
Species Brissopsis cretacea Schlüter, 1870 †
Species Brissopsis elongata Mortensen, 1907
Species Brissopsis evanescens Mortensen, 1950
Species Brissopsis fermori Vredenburg, 1922 †
Species Brissopsis japonica Nisiyama, 1968 †
Species Brissopsis jarlii Mortensen, 1951
Species Brissopsis luzonica (Gray, 1851)
Species Brissopsis lyrifera (Forbes, 1841)
Species Brissopsis makiyamai Morishita, 1957 †
Species Brissopsis micropetala Mortensen, 1948
Species Brissopsis minor Schlüter, 1870 †
Species Brissopsis obliqua Mortensen, 1948
Species Brissopsis oldhami Alcock, 1893
Species Brissopsis pacifica (A. Agassiz, 1898)
Species Brissopsis parallela Koehler, 1914
Species Brissopsis similis Mortensen, 1948
Species Brissopsis steinhatchee Cooke, 1942 †
Species Brissopsis tumidus (Duncan & Sladen) †
Species Brissopsis zealandiae Mortensen, 1921

Subgenus Brissopsis (Kleinia) Gray, 1851 accepted as Brissopsis L. Agassiz, 1840 (subjective junior synonym)
  » Species Brissopsis (Kleinia) crescenticus Wright, 1856 † accepted as Brissopsis crescenticus Wright, 1856 † (subgenus Kleinia considered as synoym of Brissopsis)
Species Brissopsis australis (Philippi, 1845) accepted as Abatus cavernosus (Philippi, 1845) (subjective junior synonym)
Species Brissopsis brevistella Schlüter, 1870 † accepted as Diplodetus brevistella (Schlüter, 1870) † (transferred to Diplodetus)
Species Brissopsis cavernosus (Philippi, 1845) accepted as Abatus cavernosus (Philippi, 1845) (transferred to Abatus)
Species Brissopsis circosemita A. Agassiz & H.L. Clark, 1907 accepted as Brissopsis luzonica (Gray, 1851) (subjective junior synonym)
Species Brissopsis duplex Koehler, 1914 accepted as Brissopsis luzonica (Gray, 1851) (subjective junior synonym)
Species Brissopsis le monnieri Koehler, 1913 accepted as Brissopsis luzonica (Gray, 1851) (incorrect original spelling (mandatory changed according to ICZN 4th Ed. Article 32.5.2))
Species Brissopsis lemonnieri Koehler, 1913 accepted as Brissopsis luzonica (Gray, 1851) (subjective junior synonym)
Species Brissopsis luzonicus (Gray, 1851) accepted as Brissopsis luzonica (Gray, 1851) (incorrect declination of species name)
Species Brissopsis lyrifer (Forbes, 1841) accepted as Brissopsis lyrifera (Forbes, 1841) (misspelling for Brissopsis lyrifera)
Species Brissopsis mediterranea Mortensen, 1913 accepted as Brissopsis atlantica mediterranea Mortensen, 1913 (accepted at subspecies rank)
Species Brissopsis parma Val., 18?? accepted as Brissopsis lyrifera (Forbes, 1841) (non-existing name ?, see notes)
Species Brissopsis persica Mortensen, 1940 accepted as Metalia persica (Mortensen, 1940) (transferred to Metalia)
Species Brissopsis philippii (Gray, 1851) accepted as Tripylaster philippii (Gray, 1851) (transferred to Tripylaster)
Species Brissopsis pulvinatus (Düben & Koren, 1844) accepted as Brissopsis lyrifera (Forbes, 1841) (subjective junior synonym)
Species Brissopsis sufflatus Duncan & Sladen † accepted as Eupatagus sufflatus (Duncan & Sladen) † (transferred to Eupatagus)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Not documented
Kroh, A.; Mooi, R. (2021). World Echinoidea Database. Brissopsis L. Agassiz, 1840. Accessed at: on 2021-11-27
2004-12-21 15:54:05Z
2007-03-14 12:13:38Z
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original description  (of Kleinia Gray, 1851) Gray J.E. 1851. Descriptions of some new genera and species of Spatangidae in the British Museum. The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, 2nd Series 7, 130-134., available online at [details]   

basis of record Hansson, H.G. (2001). Echinodermata, <B><I>in</I></B>: Costello, M.J. <i>et al.</i> (Ed.) (2001). <i>European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels,</i>. 50: pp. 336-351. (look up in IMIS[details]   

additional source Rowe, F. W. E.; Gates, J. (1995). Echinodermata. <em>In ‘Zoological Catalogue of Australia'.</em> 33 (Ed A. Wells.) pp xiii + 510 (CSIRO Australia, Melbourne). [details]   

additional source Hansson, H. (2004). North East Atlantic Taxa (NEAT): Nematoda. Internet pdf Ed. Aug 1998., available online at [details]  Available for editors  PDF available 
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 
From other sources
Remark Type species: Brissus lyrifer Forbes, 1841 by subsequent designation in E. Desor (1858) (Rowe & Gates, 1995). [details]
Japanese タヌキブンブク属  [details]

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