WoRMS and Alive Fundació sign an MoU

Added on 2018-12-17 09:42:32 by Vandepitte, Leen
Recently, WoRMS and the Alive Fundació signed a collaboration agreement. The Alive Fundació will use the WoRMS taxonomy for its SeaLife Collection, and WoRMS will be given access to their enormous media database, supporting WoRMS in achieving its goal to have an image available for each marine species.
Alive Fundació is a private foundation aiming to promote and disseminate knowledge and awareness of the environmental sciences. This in its turn contributes to the conservation of nature for future generations. To accomplish this, a Sealife Collection was developed, uniting underwater photographs and scientists. On the SeaLife Collection website, photos and videos of underwater species of the world are being collected, and recently, WoRMS has joined forces with this initiative.

The WoRMS taxonomy is now the basis of the Sealife Collection media database. In return, WoRMS will be granted access to all available media. In the near future, WoRMS editors will be given access to this media database, allowing them to verify already available media and to make sure that both WoRMS and Sealife Collection are displaying high quality media.

WoRMS and Alive Fundació sign an MoU


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