Fossil Isopods available in WoRMS

Added on 2019-10-31 15:09:24 by Vandepitte, Leen
All the Isopod fossil species names have been added to WoRMS, with a link to their original description & type locality!
In an effort to make WoRMS a “one stop shopping” source for isopod taxon names, Christopher Boyko, chief taxonomic editor for Isopoda, has entered all the fossil isopod names, including synonyms, for taxa occurring in all habitats (marine, terrestrial, freshwater, and brackish). Fossil isopods currently includes 5 families (5 accepted names), 50 genera (43 accepted names), and 178 species (136 accepted names). Additionally, references to all original descriptions and important subsequent treatments of names have been entered, as well as type locality information for all species. PDFs of most original description and additional sources have also been uploaded, but only those papers dating from before 1923 are openly available for download.

Image: Archaeoniscus italiensis - image credit: Rodney Feldmann

Fossil Isopods available in WoRMS


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