Decapoda editors participated in the very first LifeWatch-WoRMS Decapoda Workshop

Added on 2022-08-09 09:05:17 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
In the week of 10-13 May 2022, ten Decapoda experts met in Ostend with the WoRMS Data Management team (DMT), to work towards establishing a Global Species List of Decapoda.
The objective of the workshop was, for the first time, to bring together the Decapoda editors of WoRMS with an overarching view to establish DecaNet, a Global Species List for decapod Crustacea. Additional targets for the workshop were 1) gap filling, specifically targeting taxa without original names or lacking type locality information, 2) establishing priorities for traits inclusion, and 3) outlining the projected scientific output of DecaNet.

DecaNet will not only incorporate all the basic taxonomic information but will also host all the literature records (including an extensive pdf library), document the distributions of the species, as well as list their ecological (depth, habitat, etc.) attributes in a uniform and hierarchical way.

The workshop proved to be very successful. Further divisions of tasks were completed, and decapod information was updated in WoRMS. The editors reached an agreement on a separate Global Species List for Decapoda, DecaNet, whilst priority information beyond taxonomy was established.

Much editing was done during the workshop week: 144 images were added, 38 taxa added, 3,090 taxa updated; whilst 41 distributions were added, 14 type localities, 80 specimen records, as well as 9 notes.

The organization of the workshop and the support of the Data Management Team (DMT) are supported by LifeWatch Belgium, part of the E-Science European LifeWatch Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research. LifeWatch is a distributed virtual laboratory, which is used for different aspects of biodiversity research. The Species Information Backbone of LifeWatch aims at bringing together taxonomic and species-related data and at filling the gaps in our knowledge. In addition, it gives support to taxonomic experts by providing them logistic and financial support for meetings and workshops related to expanding the content and enhancing the quality of taxonomic databases.

The report of this workshop is available through the link below.

Image: group picture of workshop; top row (left to right): Wim Decock (DMT), Peter Ng, Sammy De Grave, Charles Fransen, Cédric d’Udekem d’Acoz, Chris Boyko, Shane Ahyong; front row (left to right): Leen Vandepitte (DMT), Khadija Bouirig (DMT), Valentin de Mazancourt, Stefanie Dekeyzer (DMT), Sancia van der Meij, Enrique Macpherson, Gary Poore, Keith Crandall.

Decapoda editors participated in the very first LifeWatch-WoRMS Decapoda Workshop


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