In memoriam: Crinoidea editor Charles Messing

Added on 2023-11-13 17:02:53 by Vandepitte, Leen
Over the weekend, the WoRMS Data Management Team received the sad news that Charles – Chuck - Messing has passed away.
Charles was active as an editor since the very start of WoRMS in 2007, taking taxonomic responsibility for the Crinoidea. He was Professor Emeritus at Nova Southeastern University; Oceanographic Center in Florida.

The WoRMS Data Management Team will remember Charles as a pleasant and straightforward person in his email exchanges, being responsive as he was to questions either directly from us, or from the WoRMS users. Next to making sure the taxonomic information within his group was very well maintained and up-to-date, he also invested time and effort into making available high quality images of the Crinoidea.

Earlier this year, Charles had already informed the Data Management Team that editing on WoRMS was not as easy for him anymore, and he was therefore gradually reducing his activity. The news of his passing came quite suddenly. The DMT offers condolences to Charles his family, friends and colleagues. He will be missed.

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In memoriam: Crinoidea editor Charles Messing

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