Five Decades in Carcinology - Tribute to Jim Lowry

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On 6th December 2023 a Festschrift in honour of the late Dr James K. (Jim) Lowry (1942–2021), renowned Amphipod taxonomist and WoRMS editor, was published by the Records of Australian Museum.
This collection of 26 papers describes 38 new species (14 named in Jim’s honour), and features articles from his former students and colleagues from around the world.  Jim Lowry made a huge impact on the study of Crustacea as a taxonomist, editor, and an avid collector, and this selection of articles describing new research and new species of amphipods, decapods and mysids is a fitting tribute to his influence.

Jim was one of the most prolific and energetic crustacean taxonomists of the late 20th through early 21st centuries, authoring 214 publications over a period of 55 years. Jim contributed 800 new taxa to the Amphipoda. This includes 5 new suborders, 62 new families, 129 new genera and 548 new species. Jim was instrumental in describing new taxa, producing systematic studies and collating and cataloguing information and papers on amphipods globally, and was the founder of the Word Amphipod Database.  The Festschrift includes Aan article by the WoRMS amphipod editors documenting the World Amphipoda Database: history and progress

 The entire issue, containing all 26 articles, is available as a single, large PDF (54 Mb) or as separate articles.
Berents, Penelope B., Shane T. Ahyong, Alan A. Myers, and Lucia Fanini, editors. 2023. Festschrift in honour of James K. Lowry. Records of the Australian Museum 75(4): 299–622.

Five Decades in Carcinology - Tribute to Jim Lowry


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