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Lizarazo, N.; Zea, S. (2024). Sponges in the continental shelf (73 – 210 m) of the southwestern area of Isla Fuerte and Alta Guajira, with the description of new records for the Colombian Caribbean. Boletín de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras. 53(1): 87-116.
10.25268/bimc.invemar.2024.53.1.1266 [view]
Lizarazo, N.; Zea, S.
Sponges in the continental shelf (73 – 210 m) of the southwestern area of Isla Fuerte and Alta Guajira, with the description of new records for the Colombian Caribbean
Boletín de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras
53(1): 87-116
The article is biliingual, with columns in Spanish and English
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The biodiversity of sponges in environments beyond 50 m is poorly known, as access to this type of environment without specialized technology is difficult. This study aims to understand the biodiversity of the group present on the continental shelf of the southwestern area of Isla Fuerte and Alta Guajira. Sponge samples were collected via trawls during exploration sessions in hydrocarbon blocks between 73 and 210 m, which were fixed and taken to the sponge collection of the Museum of Marine Natural History of Colombia (MHNMC) in 2012. Then, in 2022, these samples were processed and identified in the laboratory using standard methods. A taxonomic list is presented, with 89 taxa belonging to the classes Demospongiae and Homoscleromorpha, which are grouped in 16 orders, 33 families, 51 genera, and 45 species, out of which 10 are new records for the Colombian Caribbean. Only one species was identified for Alta Guajira, which could be attributed to a difference in substrate composition and to the fact that, in the Isla Fuerte sector, due to diapirism and gas emanation events in the continental shelf, there is a greater availability of food, which can support the composition of sessile benthic organisms such as sponges.
Caribbean region
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Agelas schmidtii Wilson, 1902 (additional source)
Agelas wiedenmayeri Alcolado, 1984 (additional source)
Aplysina cauliformis (Carter, 1882) (additional source)
Asteropus ketostea (de Laubenfels, 1950) (additional source)
Axinyssa ambrosia (de Laubenfels, 1936) (additional source)
Axinyssa yumae (Pulitzer-Finali, 1986) (additional source)
Biemna spinomicroxea Mothes, Campos, Lerner, Carraro & van Soest, 2005 (additional source)
Calyx podatypa (de Laubenfels, 1934) (additional source)
Cinachyrella kuekenthali (Uliczka, 1929) (additional source)
Coelosphaera (Coelosphaera) hechteli van Soest, 1984 (basis of record)
Discodermia dissoluta Schmidt, 1880 (additional source)
Discodermia polydiscus (Bowerbank, 1869) (additional source)
Dysidea etheria de Laubenfels, 1936 (additional source)
Fangophilina submersa Schmidt, 1880 (basis of record)
Forcepia (Forcepia) colonensis Carter, 1874 (additional source)
Haliclona (Reniera) strongylophora Lehnert & van Soest, 1996 (basis of record)
Hamacantha (Vomerula) agassizi Topsent, 1920 (additional source)
Hyattella cavernosa (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Hymeniacidon caerulea Pulitzer-Finali, 1986 (additional source)
Iotrochota birotulata (Higgin, 1877) (additional source)
Ircinia felix (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) (additional source)
Ircinia strobilina (Lamarck, 1816) (additional source)
Neofibularia nolitangere (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) (additional source)
Neopetrosia proxima (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) (additional source)
Niphates erecta Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864 (additional source)
Oceanapia peltata (Schmidt, 1870) (additional source)
Penares chelotropa Boury-Esnault, 1973 (additional source)
Petrosia (Petrosia) pellasarca (de Laubenfels, 1934) (additional source)
Phorbas amaranthus Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864 (additional source)
Plakinastrella onkodes Uliczka, 1929 (additional source)
Plakortis halichondrioides (Wilson, 1902) (additional source)
Spongia (Spongia) tubulifera Lamarck, 1814 (basis of record)
Spongosorites ruetzleri (van Soest & Stentoft, 1988) (additional source)
Stellettinopsis megastylifera (Wintermann-Kilian & Kilian, 1984) (additional source)
Suberea flavolivescens (Hofman & Kielman, 1992) (additional source)
Tedania (Tedania) ignis (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) (additional source)
Topsentia ophiraphidites (de Laubenfels, 1934) (additional source)
Verongula rigida (Esper, 1794) (additional source)
Xestospongia muta (Schmidt, 1870) (additional source)
Colombian part of the Caribbean Sea for Asteropus ketostea (de Laubenfels, 1950) 
Colombian part of the Caribbean Sea for Biemna spinomicroxea Mothes, Campos, Lerner, Carraro & van Soest, 2005 
Colombian part of the Caribbean Sea for Discodermia polydiscus (Bowerbank, 1869) 
Colombian part of the Caribbean Sea for Haliclona (Reniera) strongylophora Lehnert & van Soest, 1996 
Colombian part of the Caribbean Sea for Hamacantha (Vomerula) agassizi Topsent, 1920 
Colombian part of the Caribbean Sea for Penares chelotropa Boury-Esnault, 1973 
Southern Caribbean for Hamacantha (Vomerula) agassizi Topsent, 1920 
Southwestern Caribbean for Agelas schmidtii Wilson, 1902 
Southwestern Caribbean for Agelas wiedenmayeri Alcolado, 1984 
Southwestern Caribbean for Aplysina cauliformis (Carter, 1882) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Asteropus ketostea (de Laubenfels, 1950) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Axinyssa ambrosia (de Laubenfels, 1936) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Axinyssa yumae (Pulitzer-Finali, 1986) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Biemna spinomicroxea Mothes, Campos, Lerner, Carraro & van Soest, 2005 
Southwestern Caribbean for Calyx podatypa (de Laubenfels, 1934) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Cinachyrella kuekenthali (Uliczka, 1929) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Coelosphaera (Coelosphaera) hechteli van Soest, 1984 
Southwestern Caribbean for Discodermia dissoluta Schmidt, 1880 
Southwestern Caribbean for Discodermia polydiscus (Bowerbank, 1869) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Dysidea etheria de Laubenfels, 1936 
Southwestern Caribbean for Fangophilina submersa Schmidt, 1880 
Southwestern Caribbean for Forcepia (Forcepia) colonensis Carter, 1874 
Southwestern Caribbean for Haliclona (Reniera) strongylophora Lehnert & van Soest, 1996 
Southwestern Caribbean for Hamacantha (Vomerula) agassizi Topsent, 1920 
Southwestern Caribbean for Hyattella cavernosa (Pallas, 1766) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Hymeniacidon caerulea Pulitzer-Finali, 1986 
Southwestern Caribbean for Iotrochota birotulata (Higgin, 1877) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Ircinia felix (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Ircinia strobilina (Lamarck, 1816) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Neofibularia nolitangere (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Neopetrosia proxima (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Niphates erecta Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864 
Southwestern Caribbean for Oceanapia peltata (Schmidt, 1870) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Penares chelotropa Boury-Esnault, 1973 
Southwestern Caribbean for Petrosia (Petrosia) pellasarca (de Laubenfels, 1934) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Phorbas amaranthus Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864 
Southwestern Caribbean for Plakinastrella onkodes Uliczka, 1929 
Southwestern Caribbean for Plakortis halichondrioides (Wilson, 1902) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Spongia (Spongia) tubulifera Lamarck, 1814 
Southwestern Caribbean for Spongosorites ruetzleri (van Soest & Stentoft, 1988) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Stellettinopsis megastylifera (Wintermann-Kilian & Kilian, 1984) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Suberea flavolivescens (Hofman & Kielman, 1992) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Tedania (Tedania) ignis (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Topsentia ophiraphidites (de Laubenfels, 1934) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Verongula rigida (Esper, 1794) 
Southwestern Caribbean for Xestospongia muta (Schmidt, 1870) 

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