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Carter, H.J. (1879). Contributions to our Knowledge of the Spongida. Annals and Magazine of Natural History. (5) 3: 284-304, 343-360,pls XXV-XXVII.
Carter, H.J.
Contributions to our Knowledge of the Spongida
Annals and Magazine of Natural History
(5) 3: 284-304, 343-360,pls XXV-XXVII
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Amorphina stellifera Carter, 1879 accepted as Jaspis stellifera (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Axos flabelliformis Carter, 1879 (original description)
Axos spinipoculum Carter, 1879 accepted as Diacarnus spinipoculum (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Chondrilla sacciformis Carter, 1879 (original description)
Corticium wallichii (Carter, 1874) accepted as Alectona wallichii (Carter, 1874) (additional source)
Dictyocylindrus laciniatus Carter, 1879 accepted as Raspailia laciniata (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Dictyocylindrus pykii Carter, 1879 accepted as Echinodictyum pykii (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Dictyocylindrus vickersii Bowerbank, 1864 accepted as Cyamon vickersii (Bowerbank, 1864) (additional source)
Hymeraphia spiniglobata Carter, 1879 accepted as Diplastrella spiniglobata (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Latrunculia corticata Carter, 1879 accepted as Negombata corticata (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Rhaphidhistia Carter, 1879 (original description)
Rhaphidhistia spectabilis Carter, 1879 (original description)
Stellettinopsis Carter, 1879 (original description)
Stellettinopsis corticata Carter, 1879 (original description)
Stellettinopsis simplex Carter, 1879 accepted as Asteropus simplex (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Suberites angulospiculatus Carter, 1879 accepted as Plakortis angulospiculatus (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Suberites fuliginosus Carter, 1879 accepted as Zyzzya fuliginosa (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Suberites spinispirulifer Carter, 1879 accepted as Trachycladus spinispirulifer (Carter, 1879) (original description)
Trachycladus Carter, 1879 (original description)
Trachycladus laevispirulifer Carter, 1879 (original description)
Trikentrion laeve Carter, 1879 (original description)
Trikentrion muricatum (Pallas, 1766) (basis of record)
Agulhas Bank for Suberites spinispirulifer Carter, 1879 
Bassian for Amorphina stellifera Carter, 1879 
Leeuwin for Stellettinopsis simplex Carter, 1879 
Manning-Hawkesbury for Axos spinipoculum Carter, 1879 
Mascarene Islands for Chondrilla sacciformis Carter, 1879 
Mascarene Islands for Dictyocylindrus laciniatus Carter, 1879 
Mascarene Islands for Dictyocylindrus pykii Carter, 1879 
Mascarene Islands for Rhaphidhistia spectabilis Carter, 1879 
Northern and Central Red Sea for Latrunculia corticata Carter, 1879 
South Australian Gulfs for Stellettinopsis corticata Carter, 1879 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Suberites fuliginosus Carter, 1879 
Holotype BMNH 1846.8.5.8, geounit Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef, identified as Suberites fuliginosus Carter, 1879
Holotype BMNH 1848.10.4.6, geounit Gulf of Guinea West, identified as Trikentrion laeve Carter, 1879
Holotype BMNH 1871.5.12.1, geounit Agulhas Bank, identified as Suberites spinispirulifer Carter, 1879
Holotype BMNH 1877.5.21.1877a, geounit Mascarene Islands, identified as Rhaphidhistia spectabilis Carter, 1879
Holotype BMNH 1886.12.15.362, geounit Leeuwin, identified as Stellettinopsis simplex Carter, 1879
Unknown type BMNH 1954.3.9.203, geounit Pacific Ocean, identified as Hymeraphia spiniglobata Carter, 1879
Lectotype BMNH unregistered, geounit Bassian, identified as Trachycladus laevispirulifer Carter, 1879
 Type locality

type-locality unknown, suspected Australia? by Carter,1879 [details]

 Type locality

South Seas, unclear where this may have been collected, but it is likely meant to be the South Pacific including ... [details]

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