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Froehlich, E. M. (1978). On a collection of Chilean land planarians. Bolm Zool Univ S Paulo, 3: 7-80
Froehlich, E. M.
On a collection of Chilean land planarians.
Bolm Zool Univ S Paulo
3: 7-80
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Nine species are added to the inventory of Chilean species o f Tricladida Terricola, seven are presented here and two will be presented in a future paper; two species, also worked here, were already known, Geo plana chilensis and Geoplana cruciata, the latter removed to a new genus; Microplana ruca Marucs, really a Geoplana is redescribed. Three new genera are erected: Gusana, Timyma and Liana. From them, the second onde, coming from an isolated wood with relict plant species, shows some primitive characters untill now exclusive of the Oriental and Notogeic Geoplanids. The worms come from several localities, from the arid “Norte Chico”, till Nahuelbuta in the forest zone.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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