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Wedler E., Larson R. (1986). Athecate hydroids from Puerto Rico and the virgin Islands. Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment. 21(1): 69-101.
10.1080/01650528609360698 [view]
Wedler E., Larson R.
Athecate hydroids from Puerto Rico and the virgin Islands
Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment
21(1): 69-101
About 31 athecate hydroids collected from Puerto Rico and the vicinity are recorded, 9 for the first time in the Caribbean Sea. Two new genera, Heterocoryne and Millardiana, and four new species, Heterocoryne caribbensis, Millardiana longitentaculata, Silhouetta puertoricensis and Stylactis sandrae, are described. The new records are (Tubularia parasitica, Cladocoryne floccosa, Clava multicornis, Clavopsella annulata, Garveia robusta, Amphinema rugosum, and Sphaerocoryne bedoti).Descriptors: HETEROCORYNE CARIBBENSIS new genus new species; MILLARDIANA LONGITENTACULATA new genus new species; SILHOUETTA PUERTORICENSIS new species; STYLACTIS SANDRAE new species; TUBULARIA PARASITICA new record; CLADOCORYNE FLOCCOSA new record; CLAVA MULTICORNIS new record; CLAVOPSELLA ANNULATA new record; GARVEIA ROBUSTA new record; AMPHINEMA RUGOSUM new record; SPHAEROCORYNE BEDOTI new recordHydractinia sandraefigs 1-11.
Caribbean region
Systematics, Taxonomy
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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