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390786  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:390786)

Superfamily Acaroidea
Superfamily Acaronychoidea
Superfamily Achipterioidea Thor, 1929
Superfamily Ameroidea
Superfamily Ameronothroidea Willmann, 1931
Superfamily Analgoidea
Superfamily Atopochthonioidea
Superfamily Brachychthonioidea Thor, 1934
Superfamily Canestrinioidea
Superfamily Carabodoidea Dubinin, 1954
Superfamily Cepheoidea
Superfamily Ceratozetoidea Jacot, 1925
Superfamily Collochmannioidea
Superfamily Crotonioidea Thorell, 1876
Superfamily Ctenacaroidea Grandjean, 1954
Superfamily Cymbaeremaeoidea
Superfamily Damaeoidea
Superfamily Epilochmannioidea
Superfamily Epilohmannioidea Oudemans, 1923
Superfamily Eremaeoidea
Superfamily Eremaeozetoidea
Superfamily Eremelloidea Balogh, 1961
Superfamily Eulochmannioidea
Superfamily Euphthiracaroidea Jacot, 1930
Superfamily Galumnoidea Jacot, 1925
Superfamily Glycyphagoidea
Superfamily Gustavioidea Oudemans, 1900
Superfamily Hemisarcoptoidea
Superfamily Hermannielloidea Grandjean, 1934
Superfamily Hermannioidea Sellnick, 1928
Superfamily Heterochthonioidea
Superfamily Histiostomatoidea
Superfamily Hydrozetoidea
Superfamily Hypochthonioidea
Superfamily Hypoderatoidea
Superfamily Licneremaeoidea Grandjean, 1931
Superfamily Lohmannioidea Berlese, 1916
Superfamily Microzetoidea Grandjean, 1936
Superfamily Nehypochthonioidea
Superfamily Neoliodoidea
Superfamily Niphocepheoidea Travé, 1959
Superfamily Oppioidea Grandjean, 1951
Superfamily Oribatelloidea Jacot, 1925
Superfamily Oripodoidea Jacot, 1925
Superfamily Otocepheoidea Balogh, 1961
Superfamily Palaeacaroidea
Superfamily Parhypochthonioidea Grandjean, 1932
Superfamily Passalozetoidea Balogh, 1961
Superfamily Pelopoidea Ewing, 1917
Superfamily Perlohmannioidea
Superfamily Phenopelopoidea Petrunkevitch, 1955
Superfamily Phthiracaroidea Perty, 1841
Superfamily Plateremaeoidea Trägårdh, 1931
Superfamily Polypterozetoidea
Superfamily Protoplophoroidea Ewing, 1917
Superfamily Pterolichoidea
Superfamily Sarcoptoidea
Superfamily Schizoglyphoidea
Superfamily Tectocepheoidea Grandjean, 1954

Superfamily Liacaroidea Sellnick, 1928 accepted as Gustavioidea Oudemans, 1900
Superfamily Nothroidea Berlese, 1896 accepted as Crotonioidea Thorell, 1876
Superfamily Oribatuloidea Thor, 1929 accepted as Oripodoidea Jacot, 1925
Not documented
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context source (MSBIAS) MEDIN. (2011). UK checklist of marine species derived from the applications Marine Recorder and UNICORN. version 1.0. [details]   

basis of record Krantz, G.W.; Walter, D.E. (2009). A Manual of Acarology. Third Edition. Texas Tech University Press; Lubbock, Texas, 807 pp, ISBN 978-0-89672-620-8., available online at https://doi.org/10.1653/024.092.0323 [details]   
English beetle mites  [details]