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Nebularia Swainson, 1840

754962  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:754962)

Mitra contracta Swainson, 1820 accepted as Nebularia contracta (Swainson, 1820) (type by subsequent designation)
Species Nebularia acuminata (Swainson, 1824)
Species Nebularia aegra (Reeve, 1845)
Species Nebularia ancillides (Broderip, 1836)
Species Nebularia baerorum (Poppe & Tagaro, 2010)
Species Nebularia bellula (A. Adams, 1853)
Species Nebularia chrysostoma (Broderip, 1836)
Species Nebularia coarctata (Reeve, 1844)
Species Nebularia contracta (Swainson, 1820)
Species Nebularia deynzeri (Cernohorsky, 1980)
Species Nebularia dondani (Cernohorsky, 1985)
Species Nebularia edentula (Swainson, 1823)
Species Nebularia eremitarum (Röding, 1798)
Species Nebularia fastigium (Reeve, 1845)
Species Nebularia ferruginea (Lamarck, 1811)
Species Nebularia gourgueti (Poppe, R. Salisbury & Tagaro, 2015)
Species Nebularia guidopoppei (Thach, 2016)
Species Nebularia incompta (Lightfoot, 1786)
Species Nebularia inquinata (Reeve, 1844)
Species Nebularia kamehameha (Pilsbry, 1921)
Species Nebularia multiplicata (Pease, 1865)
Species Nebularia nebulosa (Broderip, 1836)
Species Nebularia nivea (Broderip, 1836)
Species Nebularia pellisserpentis (Reeve, 1844)
Species Nebularia petrosa (G. B. Sowerby II, 1874)
Species Nebularia pyramis (Wood, 1828)
Species Nebularia semperi (Poppe, Tagaro & R. Salisbury, 2009)
Species Nebularia thachi (H. Turner, 2007)
Species Nebularia ustulata (Reeve, 1844)

Species Nebularia ambigua (Swainson, 1829) accepted as Strigatella ambigua (Swainson, 1829)
Species Nebularia aurantia (Gmelin, 1791) accepted as Strigatella aurantia (Gmelin, 1791)
Species Nebularia aurora (Dohrn, 1861) accepted as Strigatella aurora (Dohrn, 1861)
Species Nebularia coffea (Schubert & Wagner, 1829) accepted as Strigatella coffea (Schubert & J. A. Wagner, 1829)
Species Nebularia coronata (Lamarck, 1811) accepted as Strigatella coronata (Lamarck, 1811)
Species Nebularia fulvescens (Broderip, 1836) accepted as Strigatella fulvescens (Broderip, 1836)
Species Nebularia imperialis (Röding, 1798) accepted as Strigatella imperialis (Röding, 1798)
Species Nebularia luctuosa (A. Adams, 1853) accepted as Strigatella luctuosa (A. Adams, 1853)
Species Nebularia rutila (A. Adams, 1853) accepted as Pseudonebularia rutila (A. Adams, 1853)
Species Nebularia vultuosa (Reeve, 1845) accepted as Strigatella vultuosa (Reeve, 1845)
Species Nebularia yaekoae Habe & Kosuge, 1966 accepted as Scabricola yaekoae (Habe & Kosuge, 1966) (original combination)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
(of Mitra (Nebularia) Swainson, 1840) Swainson, W. (1840). A treatise on malacology or shells and shell-fish. <em>London, Longman.</em> viii + 419 pp., available online at http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/33450
page(s): 319 [details]   
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