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Porella Gray, 1848

110835  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:110835)

Species Porella acutirostris Smitt, 1868
Species Porella alba Nordgaard, 1906
Species Porella ammense Winston & Hayward, 2012
Species Porella andrejashevi Gontar, 1993
Species Porella aperta Boeck, 1862
Species Porella areolata Maplestone, 1902
Species Porella belli (Dawson, 1859)
Species Porella biserialis Souto, Berning & Ostrovsky, 2016
Species Porella bispina O'Donoghue & O'Donoghue, 1923
Species Porella capensis O'Donoghue, 1924
Species Porella columbiana O'Donoghue & O'Donoghue, 1923
Species Porella compressa (J. Sowerby, 1805)
Species Porella concinna (Busk, 1854)
Species Porella cymosa Hayward, 1994
Species Porella donoghueorum Dick, Grischenko & Mawatari, 2005
Species Porella fragilis Levinsen, 1914
Species Porella hyadesi Jullien, 1888
Species Porella immersa Mawatari, 1956
Species Porella kurilensis Mawatari, 1956
Species Porella laevis (Fleming, 1828)
Species Porella major (Hincks, 1884)
Species Porella marukawai Okada, 1918
Species Porella mesoatlantica Souto, 2019
Species Porella minuta (Norman, 1868)
Species Porella mucronata Mawatari, 1956
Species Porella normani Kluge, 1908
Species Porella occulta Harmer, 1957
Species Porella patens Osburn, 1952
Species Porella patula (M.Sars, 1851)
Species Porella peristomata (Nordgaard, 1905)
Species Porella porifera (Hincks, 1884)
Species Porella proboscidea Hincks, 1888
Species Porella reduplicata (Osburn, 1933)
Species Porella rotundirostris Liu, 1990
Species Porella smitti Kluge, 1907
Species Porella struma (Norman, 1868)
Species Porella subcompressa Busk, 1884
Species Porella taylori Soule, Soule & Chaney, 1995
Species Porella tenuis (Calvet, 1906)
Species Porella tumida Kluge, 1955
Species Porella turgidula Hayward, 1994

Species Porella antarctica Gray, 1872 accepted as Errina antarctica (Gray, 1872) (Basionym)
Species Porella asymmetrica Schiller, 1933 accepted as Mesoporos perforatus (Gran) Lillick, 1937 (synonym)
Species Porella bella (Busk, 1860) accepted as Smittina bella (Busk, 1860)
Species Porella cervicornis (Pallas, 1766) accepted as Smittina cervicornis (Pallas, 1766)
Species Porella elegantula (d'Orbigny, 1851) accepted as Cystisella elegantula (d'Orbigny, 1851) (Alternative combination)
Species Porella fissurata Ortmann, 1890 accepted as Cigclisula fissurata (Ortmann, 1890)
Species Porella groenlandica Norman, 1894 accepted as Pachyegis groenlandica (Norman, 1894)
Species Porella obesa Waters, 1900 accepted as Schizoporella obesa (Waters, 1900)
Species Porella pacifica O'Donoghue, 1925 accepted as Rhamphostomella pacifica (O'Donoghue, 1925) (unaccepted > superseded combination, Basionym)
Species Porella plana Hincks, 1888 accepted as Palmiskenea plana (Hincks, 1888)
Species Porella princeps Norman, 1903 accepted as Pachyegis princeps (Norman, 1903)
Species Porella saccata (Busk, 1856) accepted as Cystisella saccata (Busk, 1856)
Species Porella tubulata (Busk, 1861) accepted as Bryocryptella tubulata (Busk, 1861)
Species Porella tubulifera (Heller, 1867) accepted as Phoceana tubulifera (Heller, 1867)
Species Porella variabilis Androsova, 1958 accepted as Buchneria variabilis (Androsova, 1958)

Species Porella areolata Ortmann, 1890 (uncertain > taxon inquirendum)
Species Porella cornuta Levinsen, 1909 (uncertain > taxon inquirendum)
Species Porella inflata Waters, 1900 (uncertain > taxon inquirendum)
Species Porella transversalis Ortmann, 1890 (uncertain > taxon inquirendum)
Species Porella tridentata Pratt, 1898 (uncertain > taxon inquirendum)
recent + fossil
Not documented
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taxonomy source International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. (1971). Opinion 967 Porella Gray, 1848 (Polyzoa): designation of Typespecies under the Plenary Powers. <em>Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature.</em> 28: 83-84., available online at http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/12224612 [details]   

basis of record Gómez, F. (2005). A list of free-living dinoflagellate species in the world's oceans. <em>Acta Bot. Croat.</em> 64(1): 129-212. [details]  OpenAccess publication 

additional source Hayward, P.J.; Ryland, J.S. (1999). Cheilostomatous Bryozoa: part 2 Hippothooidea - Celleporoidea: notes for the identification of British species. 2nd ed.. <i>Synopses of the British fauna (new series)</i>, 14. Field Studies Council: Shrewsbury, UK. ISBN 1-85153-263-3. vii, 416 pp. (look up in IMIS[details]   

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source of synonymy Gómez, F. (2005). A list of free-living dinoflagellate species in the world's oceans. <em>Acta Bot. Croat.</em> 64(1): 129-212. [details]  OpenAccess publication 
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From other sources
Classification In Müller (2004) it is inclluded in the Family Porellidae [details]

Classification This genus was previously placed under the family Smittinidae by Hayward & Ryland (1990). [details]
Norwegian Bokmål teppemoseslekta  [details]
Norwegian Nynorsk teppemoseslekta  [details]
Swedish porellor  [details]