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Artotrogus Boeck, 1859

135541  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:135541)

Species Artotrogus acutus Kim I.H., 1996
Species Artotrogus gladiator (Giesbrecht, 1899)
Species Artotrogus gordoni Kim I.H., 2009
Species Artotrogus haikungae McKinnon, 1988
Species Artotrogus halocynthiae Kim I.H., 1996
Species Artotrogus incidentus Kim I.H., 1996
Species Artotrogus latifurcatus Nicholls, 1944
Species Artotrogus orbicularis Boeck, 1859
Species Artotrogus rotundus Kim I.H., 1996
Species Artotrogus sardae McKinnon, 1988
Species Artotrogus sarsi Kim I.H., 1996

Species Artotrogus abyssicolus Scott T., 1894 accepted as Pontoeciella abyssicola (Scott T., 1893) (synonym)
Species Artotrogus australis Wilson C.B., 1923 accepted as Neobradypontius australis (Wilson C.B., 1923)
Species Artotrogus boeckii Brady, 1880 accepted as Asterocheres boeckii (Brady, 1880)
Species Artotrogus brevicaudatus Brady, 1899 accepted as Cryptopontius brevicaudatus (Brady, 1899)
Species Artotrogus gigas Brady, 1910 accepted as Neobradypontius gigas (Brady, 1910)
Species Artotrogus lilljeborgii (Boeck, 1859) accepted as Asterocheres lilljeborgi Boeck, 1859
Species Artotrogus magniceps Brady, 1880 accepted as Bradypontius magniceps (Brady, 1880) (synonym)
Species Artotrogus normani Brady, 1880 accepted as Cribropontius normani (Brady & Robertson, 1876) (synonym)
Species Artotrogus ovatus Thomson G.M., 1883 accepted as Paracontiophorus ovatus (Thomson G.M., 1883)
Species Artotrogus papillatus Scott T., 1888 accepted as Bradypontius papillatus (Scott T., 1888) (synonym)
Species Artotrogus proximus Scott T., 1912 accepted as Neobradypontius proximus (Scott T., 1912)
Species Artotrogus sphaericus Brady, 1910 accepted as Pseudotrogus sphaericus (Brady, 1910)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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