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Hajdu, E.; Teixeira, J.N. (2011). New or little known demosponges (Porifera) from Espírito Santo coast and seamounts (Brazil). Zoologia. 28 (2): 233-248.
Hajdu, E.; Teixeira, J.N.
New or little known demosponges (Porifera) from Espírito Santo coast and seamounts (Brazil).
28 (2): 233-248.
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Phorbas capixaba sp. nov. is described from 54 m depth off Guarapari, diagnosed by its two clear-cut categories of isochelae from Phorbas spp. known from the Western Tropical Atlantic. Four nomina nova are proposed for homonyms in Phorbas spp.: P. bergmontae nom. nov. for P. areolatus Bergquist & Fromont, 1988, preoccupied by P. areolatus (Thiele, 1905); P. burtoni nom. nov. for P. arborescens sensu (Burton, 1956), preoccupied by P. arborescens Ridley, 1884); P. hechteli nom. nov. for P. ramosus (Hechtel, 1983), preoccupied by P. ramosus (Lendenfeld, 1888; in part – composite species); P. tanitai nom. nov. for P. purpureus (Tanita, 1961), preoccupied by P. purpureus (Carter, 1886). Three little known species are redescribed: Aplysina alcicornis Pinheiro et al., 2007; Mycale (Aegogropila) escarlatei Hajdu et al., 1995 and Yucatania sphaeroidocladus (Hartman & Hubbard, 1999). All three are new records for Espírito Santo. The first and the last of these are range extensions, while the other fills a distribution gap. A list of sponges hitherto recorded from off Espírito Santo state, with indication of the bibliographic source of the record is given in appendix. In total, 118 species were compiled from 23 publications.
South Atlantic
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Holotype MNRJ 6176, geounit Eastern Brazil, identified as Phorbas capixaba Hajdu & Teixeira, 2011

Junior homonym of Phorbas purpureus (Carter, 1886) [details]


New name for Phorbas areolatus Bergquist & Fromont, 1988 (junior homonym of P. areolatus (Thiele, 1905)) [details]