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Brattegard, T. (1970). Mysidacea from shallow water in the Caribbean Sea.-- Sarsia 43. 111-154.
Brattegard, T.
Mysidacea from shallow water in the Caribbean Sea.-- Sarsia 43
Sarsia, 43: 111-154
NeMys doc_id: 387
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Amathimysis gibba Brattegard, 1969 (additional source)
Bowmaniella portoricensis Bacescu, 1968 accepted as Coifmanniella mexicana (W. Tattersall, 1951) (additional source)
Bowmaniella sewelli Brattegard, 1970 accepted as Coifmanniella parageia (Brattegard, 1970) (additional source)
Brasilomysis castroi Bacescu, 1968 (additional source)
Dioptromysis spinosa Brattegard, 1969 (additional source)
Heteromysis S.I. Smith, 1873 (additional source)
Heteromysis (Olivemysis) actiniae Clarke, 1955 (additional source)
Heteromysis (Olivemysis) floridensis Brattegard, 1969 (additional source)
Heteromysis (Olivemysis) guitarti Bacescu, 1968 (additional source)
Heteromysis (Olivemysis) mayana Brattegard, 1970 (original description)
Heteromysis (Olivemysis) rubrocincta Bacescu, 1968 (additional source)
Heteromysis (Olivemysis) siciliseta Brattegard, 1970 (original description)
Heteromysis bredini Brattegard, 1970 (original description)
Heteromysis dispar Brattegard, 1970 (original description)
Heteromysis disrupta Brattegard, 1970 (original description)
Heteromysis nouveli Brattegard, 1969 (additional source)
Heteromysoides spongicola Bacescu, 1968 (additional source)
Metamysidopsis elongata (Holmes, 1900) (additional source)
Metamysidopsis insularis Brattegard, 1970 (original description)
Mysidium (Mysidium) gracile (Dana, 1852) (additional source)
Mysidium (Mysidium) integrum W.M. Tattersall, 1951 (additional source)
Mysidium (Orientomysidium) columbiae (Zimmer, 1915) (additional source)
Mysidopsis bahia Molenock, 1969 accepted as Americamysis bahia (Molenock, 1969) (additional source)
Mysidopsis mathewsoni Brattegard, 1969 (additional source)
Mysidopsis mortenseni W. Tattersall, 1951 (additional source)
Parvimysis bahamensis Brattegard, 1969 (additional source)
Siriella armata (Milne Edwards, 1837) (additional source)
Siriella chierchiae Coifmann, 1937 (additional source)
Siriella mexicana Brattegard, 1970 (original description)