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Longakit, B.A; Sotto, F.B.; Kelly,M. (2005). The Shallow Water Marine Sponges (Porifera) of Cebu, Philippines. Science Diliman. 17(2): 52-74.
Longakit, B.A; Sotto, F.B.; Kelly,M.
The Shallow Water Marine Sponges (Porifera) of Cebu, Philippines
Science Diliman
17(2): 52-74
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Thirty-three (33) species of marine sponge were identified in this study. Four were identified as possibly new to science; a short description of these species is given here. In addition, one species has potential for bath sponge culture. Percent similarity of species is low between stations suggesting a highly diverse sponge assemblage around the island. Clustering of the stations appears to be related to distance between stations
Pacific, North West (= Warm + cold temperate (boreal))
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Eastern Philippines for Carteriospongia flabellifera (Bowerbank, 1877) 
Eastern Philippines for Dactylospongia elegans (Thiele, 1899) 
Eastern Philippines for Hyrtios erecta 
Eastern Philippines for Igernella mirabilis Lévi, 1961 
Eastern Philippines for Luffariella variabilis (Polejaeff, 1884) 
Eastern Philippines for Plakortis lita de Laubenfels, 1954  (inaccurate)
Eastern Philippines for Pseudoceratina verrucosa Bergquist, 1995