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Monniot, F. (2016). Ascidians (Tunicata) of the French Guiana Expedition. Zootaxa. 4114(3): 201-245.
10.11646/zootaxa.4114.3.1 [view]
Monniot, F.
Ascidians (Tunicata) of the French Guiana Expedition
4114(3): 201-245.
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Ascidians were collected along the shore of Iles du Salut and deeper on the slope in a program of evaluation of the biodiversity in Guiana. Most of the samples belong to already known species from the Caribbean area and Brazilian coast. The colonial forms dominate. The 6 new species have been dredged deeper than 50m but not found by SCUBA divers. In spite of an intensive sampling, the ascidian diversity in Guiana is low with 36 species recorded. This is the result of the abundance of sediment suspended in the water and uniformly deposited on all substrates which affects filtration rate and limits the settling of the ascidian larvae.
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Aplidium lepareurae Monniot F., 2016 (original description)
Ascidia curvata (Traustedt, 1882) (additional source)
Botrylloides magnicoecum (Hartmeyer, 1912) accepted as Botrylloides magnicoecus (Hartmeyer, 1912) (additional source)
Botryllus pumilus Monniot F., 2016 (original description)
Clavelina brasiliensis (Millar, 1977) (additional source)
Cnemidocarpa captiva Monniot F., 2016 (original description)
Corella minuta Traustedt, 1882 (additional source)
Didemnum duplicatum Monniot F., 1983 (additional source)
Didemnum galacteum Lotufo & Dias, 2007 (additional source)
Didemnum granulatum Tokioka, 1954 (additional source)
Didemnum psammatodes (Sluiter, 1895) (additional source)
Distaplia bermudensis Van Name, 1902 (additional source)
Ecteinascidia aranea Monniot F., 2016 (original description)
Ecteinascidia turbinata Herdman, 1880 (additional source)
Eudistoma alvearium Oliveira, Gamba & Rocha, 2014 (additional source)
Eudistoma carolinense Van Name, 1945 (additional source)
Eudistoma repens Millar, 1977 (additional source)
Eudistoma vannamei Millar, 1977 (additional source)
Eugyra glutinans (Moeller, 1842) (additional source)
Euherdmania fasciculata Monniot F., 1983 (additional source)
Eusynstyela tincta (Van Name, 1902) (additional source)
Polycarpa itapoa Rocha & Moreno, 2000 (additional source)
Polycarpa salutis Monniot F., 2016 (original description)
Polyclinum constellatum Savigny, 1816 (additional source)
Polysyncraton amethysteum Van Name, 1902 (additional source)
Pyura ocellata Monniot F., 2016 (original description)
Pyura vittata (Stimpson, 1852) (additional source)
Stomozoa roseola (Millar, 1955) (additional source)
Styela atlantica (Van Name, 1912) accepted as Styela sigma Hartmeyer, 1912 (additional source)
Symplegma brakenhielmi (Michaelsen, 1904) (additional source)
Symplegma rubra Monniot C., 1972 (additional source)
Trididemnum hians Monniot F., 1983 (additional source)
French Guiana for Ascidia curvata (Traustedt, 1882) 
French Guiana for Botrylloides magnicoecum (Hartmeyer, 1912) 
French Guiana for Clavelina brasiliensis (Millar, 1977) 
French Guiana for Corella minuta Traustedt, 1882 
French Guiana for Didemnum duplicatum Monniot F., 1983 
French Guiana for Didemnum galacteum Lotufo & Dias, 2007 
French Guiana for Didemnum granulatum Tokioka, 1954 
French Guiana for Didemnum psammatodes (Sluiter, 1895) 
French Guiana for Distaplia bermudensis Van Name, 1902 
French Guiana for Ecteinascidia turbinata Herdman, 1880 
French Guiana for Eudistoma alvearium Oliveira, Gamba & Rocha, 2014 
French Guiana for Eudistoma carolinense Van Name, 1945 
French Guiana for Eudistoma repens Millar, 1977 
French Guiana for Eudistoma vannamei Millar, 1977 
French Guiana for Eugyra glutinans (Moeller, 1842) 
French Guiana for Euherdmania fasciculata Monniot F., 1983 
French Guiana for Eusynstyela tincta (Van Name, 1902) 
French Guiana for Polycarpa itapoa Rocha & Moreno, 2000 
French Guiana for Polyclinum constellatum Savigny, 1816  (origin: origin uncertain)
French Guiana for Polyclinum constellatum Savigny, 1816  (origin: origin uncertain)
French Guiana for Polysyncraton amethysteum Van Name, 1902 
French Guiana for Polysyncraton amethysteum Van Name, 1902 
French Guiana for Pyura vittata (Stimpson, 1852) 
French Guiana for Stomozoa roseola (Millar, 1955) 
French Guiana for Styela atlantica (Van Name, 1912) 
French Guiana for Symplegma brakenhielmi (Michaelsen, 1904) 
French Guiana for Symplegma rubra Monniot C., 1972 
French Guiana for Trididemnum hians Monniot F., 1983