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Parukhin, A. M. (1970). On the study of trematode fauna in fish from the Red Sea and Aden Bay. Biologiya Morya, Kiev. 20: 187–213. (In Russian).
Parukhin, A. M.
On the study of trematode fauna in fish from the Red Sea and Aden Bay
Biologiya Morya, Kiev
20: 187–213. (In Russian).
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Gulf of Aden for Aponurus laguncula Looss, 1907 
Gulf of Aden for Brachyenteron parexocoeti Manter, 1947 
Gulf of Aden for Hemiurus appendiculatus (Rudolphi, 1802) Looss, 1899 
Gulf of Aden for Hemiurus rugosus Looss, 1907 
Gulf of Aden for Heterolebes diodonti Parukhin, 1970 
Gulf of Aden for Lecithaster indicus Srivastava, 1935 
Gulf of Aden for Manteroderma skrjabini Parukhin, 1971 
Gulf of Aden for Opechona orientalis (Layman, 1930) Ward & Fillingham, 1934 
Gulf of Aden for Opecoelina vixigastera Oshmarin, 1965 
Gulf of Aden for Paraproctotrema brevicaecum Manter, 1942 
Red Sea for Aphanurus stossichii (Monticelli, 1891) Looss, 1907 
Red Sea for Brachyenteron parexocoeti Manter, 1947 
Red Sea for Bucephalopsis southwelli Nagaty, 1937 
Red Sea for Bucephalus sphyraenae Yamaguti, 1952 
Red Sea for Bucephalus varicus Manter, 1940 
Red Sea for Derogenes varicus (Müller, 1784) Looss, 1901 
Red Sea for Dinurus breviductus Looss, 1907 
Red Sea for Dinurus longisinus Looss, 1907 
Red Sea for Diplangus paxillus Linton, 1910 
Red Sea for Diploproctodaeum longipygum Oshmarin, Mamaev & Parukhin, 1961 
Red Sea for Diploproctodaeum macracetabulum Oshmarin, Mamaev & Parukhin, 1961 
Red Sea for Ectenurus virgulus Linton, 1910 
Red Sea for Hamacreadium epinepheli Yamaguti, 1934 
Red Sea for Hamacreadium mutabile Linton, 1910 
Red Sea for Haplocladus typicus Odhner, 1911 
Red Sea for Helicometra fasciata (Rudolphi, 1819) Odhner, 1902 
Red Sea for Hemiurus rugosus Looss, 1907 
Red Sea for Lecithaster confusus Odhner, 1905 
Red Sea for Lecithochirium branchiale (Stunkard & Nigrelli, 1934) Skrjabin & Guschanskaja, 1955 
Red Sea for Lecithochirium magnaporum Manter, 1940 
Red Sea for Lecithocladium angustiovum Yamaguti, 1953 
Red Sea for Lecithocladium bulbolabrum Reid, Coil & Kuntz, 1966 
Red Sea for Lepidapedon megalaspi Parukhin, 1966 
Red Sea for Manteroderma hemiramphi (Manter, 1947) Skrjabin, 1957 
Red Sea for Opechona bacillaris (Molin, 1859) Dollfus, 1927 
Red Sea for Opecoelus mexicanus Manter, 1940 
Red Sea for Opisthomonorchis carangis Yamaguti, 1952 
Red Sea for Phyllodistomum mamaevi Parukhin, 1971 
Red Sea for Podocotyle atomon (Rudolphi, 1802) Odhner, 1905 
Red Sea for Prosorhynchus ozakii Manter, 1934 
Red Sea for Prosorhynchus thapari Manter, 1953 
Red Sea for Pseudocreadium balistes Nagaty, 1942 
Red Sea for Pseudopecoeloides carangis (Yamaguti, 1938) Yamaguti, 1940 
Red Sea for Sphincteristomum nikolaevi Parukhin, 1970 
Red Sea for Stephanostomum dentatum (Linton, 1900) Linton, 1940 
Red Sea for Stephanostomum ditrematis (Yamaguti, 1939) Manter, 1947 
Red Sea for Stephanostomum megacephalum Manter, 1940 
Red Sea for Telolecithus tropicus Manter, 1940 
Red Sea for Tergestia laticollis (Rudolphi, 1819) Stossich, 1899 
Red Sea for Tetrochetus proctocolus Manter, 1940 
Red Sea for Uterovesiculurus hamati (Yamaguti, 1934) Skrjabin & Guschanskaya, 1954 
Red Sea for Xystretrum solidum Linton, 1910 
Red Sea and Gulf of Aden for Lecithochirium monticellii (Linton, 1898) Skrjabin & Guschanskaja, 1955 
Red Sea and Gulf of Aden for Tetrochetus coryphaenae Yamaguti, 1934 
Yemeni part of the Red Sea for Phyllodistomum skrjabini Parukhin, 1963