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Irvine, L.M.; Chamberlain, Y.M. (1994). Seaweeds of the British Isles: Rhodophyta, Part 2B. Corallinales, Hildenbrandiales. Seaweeds of the British Isles, 1. Natural History Museum: London. ISBN 0-11-310016-7. 276 pp. Part of: Seaweeds of the British Isles. ISSN 8769-8522
Irvine, L. M., Chamberlain, Y. M.
Seaweeds of the British Isles. Vol. 1: Rhodophyta, Part 2B: Corallinales, Hildenbrandiales
The Natural History Museum, London
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Corallinaceae Lamouroux, 1812 (additional source)
Corallinales (basis of record)
Corallinoideae (Areschoug) Foslie, 1908 (basis of record)
Hildenbrandia Nardo, 1834 (additional source)
Hildenbrandiaceae Rabenhorst, 1868 (additional source)
Hildenbrandiales (additional source)
Hydrolithon (Foslie) Foslie, 1909 (additional source)
Melobesioideae Bizzozero, 1885 (basis of record)
Black Sea for Corallina Linnaeus, 1758 
Black Sea for Lithophyllum Philippi, 1837 
Black Sea for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Black Sea for Titanoderma Nägeli, 1858 
Cold Temperate Northwest Atlantic for Titanoderma Nägeli, 1858 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Corallina Linnaeus, 1758 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Hildenbrandia Nardo, 1834 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Jania J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Lithophyllum Philippi, 1837 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Phymatolithon Foslie, 1898 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Pneophyllum Kützing, 1843 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Titanoderma Nägeli, 1858 
Lusitanian for Boreolithon A.S.Harvey & Woelkerling, 1995 
Lusitanian for Corallina Linnaeus, 1758 
Lusitanian for Hildenbrandia Nardo, 1834 
Lusitanian for Jania J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Lusitanian for Lithophyllum Philippi, 1837 
Lusitanian for Lithothamnion Heydrich, 1897 
Lusitanian for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Lusitanian for Mesophyllum Me.Lemoine, 1928 
Lusitanian for Phymatolithon Foslie, 1898 
Lusitanian for Pneophyllum Kützing, 1843 
Lusitanian for Titanoderma Nägeli, 1858 
Mediterranean Sea for Boreolithon A.S.Harvey & Woelkerling, 1995 
Mediterranean Sea for Corallina Linnaeus, 1758 
Mediterranean Sea for Haliptilon (Decaisne) Lindley, 1846 
Mediterranean Sea for Hildenbrandia Nardo, 1834 
Mediterranean Sea for Jania J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Mediterranean Sea for Lithophyllum Philippi, 1837 
Mediterranean Sea for Lithothamnion Heydrich, 1897 
Mediterranean Sea for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Mediterranean Sea for Mesophyllum Me.Lemoine, 1928 
Mediterranean Sea for Phymatolithon Foslie, 1898 
Mediterranean Sea for Pneophyllum Kützing, 1843 
Mediterranean Sea for Titanoderma Nägeli, 1858 
Northern European Seas for Boreolithon A.S.Harvey & Woelkerling, 1995 
Northern European Seas for Corallina Linnaeus, 1758 
Northern European Seas for Exilicrusta Y.M.Chamberlain, 1992 
Northern European Seas for Hildenbrandia Nardo, 1834 
Northern European Seas for Jania J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Northern European Seas for Lithophyllum Philippi, 1837 
Northern European Seas for Lithothamnion Heydrich, 1897 
Northern European Seas for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Northern European Seas for Mesophyllum Me.Lemoine, 1928 
Northern European Seas for Phymatolithon Foslie, 1898 
Northern European Seas for Pneophyllum Kützing, 1843 
Northern European Seas for Titanoderma Nägeli, 1858 
Southern Ocean for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Temperate Australasia for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Temperate Australasia for Mesophyllum Me.Lemoine, 1928 
Temperate Northern Atlantic for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Temperate Northern Atlantic for Mesophyllum Me.Lemoine, 1928 
Temperate Northern Pacific for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Temperate Northern Pacific for Mesophyllum Me.Lemoine, 1928 
Temperate South America for Mesophyllum Me.Lemoine, 1928 
Temperate Southern Africa for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Tropical Atlantic for Melobesia J.V.Lamouroux, 1812 
Tropical Atlantic for Mesophyllum Me.Lemoine, 1928