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Polychaeta source details

Trott, T. J. (2004). Cobscook Bay inventory: a historical checklist of marine invertebrates spanning 162 years. Northeastern Naturalist. 11, 261-324.
Trott, T. J.
Cobscook Bay inventory: a historical checklist of marine invertebrates spanning 162 years
Northeastern Naturalist
11, 261-324
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Acmira catherinae (Laubier, 1967) represented as Aricidea (Acmira) catherinae Laubier, 1967 (additional source)
Acrocirrus leidyi Verrill, 1882 accepted as Macrochaeta leidyi (Verrill, 1882) (basis of record)
Amblyosyllis cincinnata (Verrill, 1874) accepted as Amblyosyllis finmarchica (Malmgren, 1867) (basis of record)
Amblyosyllis finmarchica (Malmgren, 1867) (additional source)
Ampharete acutifrons (Grube, 1860) (additional source)
Ampharete cirrata Webster & Benedict, 1887 (additional source)
Ampharete trilobata Webster & Benedict, 1887 (basis of record)
Amphitrite brunnea (Stimpson, 1853) (basis of record)
Amphitrite cirrata Müller, 1776 (additional source)
Amphitrite johnstoni Malmgren, 1866 accepted as Neoamphitrite figulus (Dalyell, 1853) (additional source)
Amphitrite ornata (Leidy, 1855) (additional source)
Anaitides groenlandica (Örsted, 1842) accepted as Phyllodoce groenlandica Örsted, 1842 (additional source)
Anaitides maculata (Linnaeus, 1767) accepted as Phyllodoce maculata (Linnaeus, 1767) (additional source)
Anaitides mucosa (Örsted, 1843) accepted as Phyllodoce mucosa Örsted, 1843 (additional source)
Apistobranchus tullbergi (Théel, 1879) (additional source)
Arabella iricolor (Montagu, 1804) (additional source)
Arenicola marina (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Aricidea nolani Webster & Benedict, 1887 (basis of record)
Aricidea quadrilobata Webster & Benedict, 1887 represented as Aricidea (Strelzovia) quadrilobata Webster & Benedict, 1887 (additional source)
Artacama proboscidea Malmgren, 1866 (additional source)
Autolytus cornutus Agassiz, 1862 accepted as Proceraea cornuta (Agassiz, 1862) (additional source)
Autolytus prolifera (O.F. Müller, 1788) accepted as Myrianida prolifera (O.F. Müller, 1788) (additional source)
Autolytus varians Verrill, 1881 (basis of record)
Autolytus verrilli Marenzeller, 1892 accepted as Epigamia alexandri (Malmgren, 1867) (additional source)
Brada granosa Stimpson, 1853 (additional source)
Brada setosa Verrill, 1873 accepted as Bradabyssa setosa (Verrill, 1873) (basis of record)
Brada sublaevis Stimpson, 1853 (basis of record)
Brada villosa (Rathke, 1843) accepted as Bradabyssa villosa (Rathke, 1843) (additional source)
Capitella capitata (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Chaetozone setosa Malmgren, 1867 (additional source)
Cirratulus cirratus (O. F. Müller, 1776) (additional source)
Clymenella torquata (Leidy, 1855) (additional source)
Cossura longocirrata Webster & Benedict, 1887 (additional source)
Dipolydora quadrilobata (Jacobi, 1883) (additional source)
Dodecaceria concharum Örsted, 1843 (additional source)
Drilonereis longa Webster, 1879 (additional source)
Drilonereis magna Webster & Benedict, 1887 (additional source)
Dysponetus pygmaeus Levinsen, 1879 (additional source)
Ephesiella minuta (Webster & Benedict, 1887) accepted as Sphaerodoropsis minuta (Webster & Benedict, 1887) accepted as Sphaerodoridium minutum (Webster & Benedict, 1887) (additional source)
Eteone flava (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Eteone heteropoda Hartman, 1951 accepted as Hypereteone heteropoda (Hartman, 1951) (additional source)
Eteone lactea Claparède, 1868 accepted as Hypereteone lactea (Claparède, 1868) (additional source)
Eteone longa (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Eteone trilineata Webster & Benedict, 1887 (additional source)
Euclymene zonalis (Verrill, 1874) represented as Clymenella zonalis (Verrill, 1874) (additional source)
Eulalia bilineata (Johnston, 1840) (additional source)
Eulalia viridis (Linnaeus, 1767) (additional source)
Eunice pennata (Müller, 1776) (additional source)
Eunoe nodosa (M. Sars, 1861) (additional source)
Euphrosine borealis Örsted, 1843 (additional source)
Eusyllis blomstrandi Malmgren, 1867 (additional source)
Exogone (Exogone) dispar (Webster, 1879) accepted as Exogone dispar (Webster, 1879) (additional source)
Exogone (Exogone) verugera (Claparède, 1868) accepted as Exogone verugera (Claparède, 1868) (additional source)
Exogone (Parexogone) hebes (Webster & Benedict, 1884) accepted as Parexogone hebes (Webster & Benedict, 1884) (additional source)
Exogone longicirrus Webster & Benedict, 1887 (basis of record)
Fabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836) accepted as Fabricia stellaris (Müller, 1774) (additional source)
Filograna implexa Berkeley, 1835 (additional source)
Flabelligera affinis M. Sars, 1829 (additional source)
Flabelligera grubei (Webster & Benedict, 1887) (basis of record)
Gattyana cirrosa (Pallas, 1766) accepted as Gattyana cirrhosa (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Glycera capitata Örsted, 1842 (additional source)
Glycera dibranchiata Ehlers, 1868 (additional source)
Gyptis vittata Webster & Benedict, 1887 (additional source)
Haploscoloplos fragilis (Verrill, 1873) accepted as Leitoscoloplos fragilis (Verrill, 1873) (basis of record)
Haploscoloplos robustus (Verrill, 1873) accepted as Leitoscoloplos robustus (Verrill, 1873) (basis of record)
Harmothoe imbricata (Linnaeus, 1767) (additional source)
Heteromastus filiformis (Claparède, 1864) (additional source)
Hydroides dianthus (Verrill, 1873) (additional source)
Janua (Dexiospira) spirillum (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Circeis spirillum (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Lagisca extenuata (Grube, 1840) accepted as Harmothoe extenuata (Grube, 1840) (additional source)
Lagisca rarispina (Sars, 1861) accepted as Harmothoe rarispina (M. Sars, 1861) (additional source)
Laonice cirrata (M. Sars, 1851) (additional source)
Lepidasthenia commensalis (Webster, 1879) accepted as Lepidametria commensalis Webster, 1879 (additional source)
Lepidonotus squamatus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Levinsenia gracilis (Tauber, 1879) (additional source)
Lumbrinereis acicularum Webster & Benedict, 1887 accepted as Scoletoma acicularum (Webster & Benedict, 1887) (additional source)
Lumbrineris fragilis (O.F. Müller, 1776) accepted as Scoletoma fragilis (O.F. Müller, 1776) (additional source)
Lumbrineris hebes Verrill, 1879 accepted as Scoletoma hebes (Verrill, 1879) (additional source)
Lumbrineris tenuis Verrill, 1873 accepted as Scoletoma tenuis (Verrill, 1873) (additional source)
Macrochaeta sexoculata (Webster & Benedict, 1887) (basis of record)
Marenzelleria viridis (Verrill, 1873) (additional source)
Melinna cristata (M. Sars, 1851) (additional source)
Mesonerilla Remane, 1949 (additional source)
Microphthalmus aberrans (Webster & Benedict, 1887) (additional source)
Microphthalmus pettiboneae Riser, 2000 (basis of record)
Myriochele heeri Malmgren, 1867 (additional source)
Mystides borealis Théel, 1879 (additional source)
Myxicola infundibulum (Montagu, 1808) (additional source)
Myxicola steenstrupi Krøyer, 1856 accepted as Myxicola infundibulum (Montagu, 1808) (additional source)
Naineris quadricuspida (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Neanthes diversicolor (Müller, 1776) accepted as Hediste diversicolor (O.F. Müller, 1776) (additional source)
Neanthes virens (M. Sars, 1835) accepted as Alitta virens (M. Sars, 1835) (additional source)
Neoamphitrite affinis (Malmgren, 1866) (additional source)
Neoleanira tetragona (Örsted, 1845) (additional source)
Nephtys bucera Ehlers, 1868 (additional source)
Nephtys caeca (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Nephtys ciliata (Müller, 1788) (additional source)
Nephtys discors Ehlers, 1868 (additional source)
Nephtys incisa Malmgren, 1865 (additional source)
Nephtys longosetosa Örsted, 1842 (additional source)
Cobscook Bay for Acmira catherinae (Laubier, 1967) 
Cobscook Bay for Acrocirrus leidyi Verrill, 1882 
Cobscook Bay for Amblyosyllis cincinnata (Verrill, 1874) 
Cobscook Bay for Amblyosyllis finmarchica (Malmgren, 1867) 
Cobscook Bay for Ampharete acutifrons (Grube, 1860) 
Cobscook Bay for Ampharete cirrata Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Ampharete trilobata Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Amphitrite brunnea (Stimpson, 1853) 
Cobscook Bay for Amphitrite cirrata Müller, 1776 
Cobscook Bay for Amphitrite johnstoni Malmgren, 1866 
Cobscook Bay for Amphitrite ornata (Leidy, 1855) 
Cobscook Bay for Anaitides groenlandica (Örsted, 1842) 
Cobscook Bay for Anaitides maculata (Linnaeus, 1767) 
Cobscook Bay for Anaitides mucosa (Örsted, 1843) 
Cobscook Bay for Aphrodita aculeata Linnaeus, 1758  (doubtful)
Cobscook Bay for Aphrodita hastata Moore, 1905 
Cobscook Bay for Apistobranchus tullbergi (Théel, 1879) 
Cobscook Bay for Arabella iricolor (Montagu, 1804) 
Cobscook Bay for Arenicola marina (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Cobscook Bay for Aricidea nolani Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Aricidea quadrilobata Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Artacama proboscidea Malmgren, 1866 
Cobscook Bay for Autolytus cornutus Agassiz, 1862 
Cobscook Bay for Autolytus prolifera (O.F. Müller, 1788) 
Cobscook Bay for Autolytus varians Verrill, 1881 
Cobscook Bay for Autolytus verrilli Marenzeller, 1892 
Cobscook Bay for Brada granosa Stimpson, 1853 
Cobscook Bay for Brada setosa Verrill, 1873 
Cobscook Bay for Brada sublaevis Stimpson, 1853 
Cobscook Bay for Brada villosa (Rathke, 1843) 
Cobscook Bay for Capitella capitata (Fabricius, 1780) 
Cobscook Bay for Chaetozone setosa Malmgren, 1867 
Cobscook Bay for Chitinopoma serrula (Stimpson, 1853) 
Cobscook Bay for Cirratulus cirratus (O. F. Müller, 1776) 
Cobscook Bay for Clymenella torquata (Leidy, 1855) 
Cobscook Bay for Cossura longocirrata Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Dipolydora quadrilobata (Jacobi, 1883) 
Cobscook Bay for Dodecaceria concharum Örsted, 1843 
Cobscook Bay for Drilonereis longa Webster, 1879 
Cobscook Bay for Drilonereis magna Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Dysponetus pygmaeus Levinsen, 1879 
Cobscook Bay for Ephesiella minuta (Webster & Benedict, 1887) 
Cobscook Bay for Eteone flava (Fabricius, 1780) 
Cobscook Bay for Eteone heteropoda Hartman, 1951 
Cobscook Bay for Eteone lactea Claparède, 1868 
Cobscook Bay for Eteone longa (Fabricius, 1780) 
Cobscook Bay for Eteone trilineata Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Euclymene zonalis (Verrill, 1874) 
Cobscook Bay for Eulalia bilineata (Johnston, 1840) 
Cobscook Bay for Eulalia viridis (Linnaeus, 1767) 
Cobscook Bay for Eunice pennata (Müller, 1776) 
Cobscook Bay for Eunoe nodosa (M. Sars, 1861) 
Cobscook Bay for Eunoe oerstedi Malmgren, 1865 
Cobscook Bay for Euphrosine borealis Örsted, 1843 
Cobscook Bay for Eusyllis blomstrandi Malmgren, 1867 
Cobscook Bay for Exogone (Exogone) dispar (Webster, 1879) 
Cobscook Bay for Exogone (Exogone) verugera (Claparède, 1868) 
Cobscook Bay for Exogone (Parexogone) hebes (Webster & Benedict, 1884) 
Cobscook Bay for Exogone longicirrus Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Fabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836) 
Cobscook Bay for Filograna implexa Berkeley, 1835 
Cobscook Bay for Flabelligera affinis M. Sars, 1829 
Cobscook Bay for Flabelligera grubei (Webster & Benedict, 1887) 
Cobscook Bay for Gattyana cirrosa (Pallas, 1766) 
Cobscook Bay for Glycera capitata Örsted, 1842 
Cobscook Bay for Glycera dibranchiata Ehlers, 1868 
Cobscook Bay for Gyptis vittata Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Haploscoloplos fragilis (Verrill, 1873) 
Cobscook Bay for Haploscoloplos robustus (Verrill, 1873) 
Cobscook Bay for Harmothoe imbricata (Linnaeus, 1767) 
Cobscook Bay for Heteromastus filiformis (Claparède, 1864) 
Cobscook Bay for Hydroides dianthus (Verrill, 1873) 
Cobscook Bay for Janua (Dexiospira) spirillum (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Cobscook Bay for Laetmonice filicornis Kinberg, 1856 
Cobscook Bay for Lagisca extenuata (Grube, 1840) 
Cobscook Bay for Lagisca rarispina (Sars, 1861) 
Cobscook Bay for Laonice cirrata (M. Sars, 1851) 
Cobscook Bay for Lepidasthenia commensalis (Webster, 1879) 
Cobscook Bay for Lepidonotus squamatus (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Cobscook Bay for Levinsenia gracilis (Tauber, 1879) 
Cobscook Bay for Lumbrinereis acicularum Webster & Benedict, 1887 
Cobscook Bay for Lumbrineris fragilis (O.F. Müller, 1776) 
Cobscook Bay for Lumbrineris hebes Verrill, 1879 
Cobscook Bay for Lumbrineris tenuis Verrill, 1873 
Cobscook Bay for Macrochaeta sexoculata (Webster & Benedict, 1887) 
Cobscook Bay for Marenzelleria viridis (Verrill, 1873) 
Cobscook Bay for Melinna cristata (M. Sars, 1851) 
Cobscook Bay for Mesonerilla Remane, 1949 
Cobscook Bay for Microphthalmus aberrans (Webster & Benedict, 1887) 
Cobscook Bay for Microphthalmus pettiboneae Riser, 2000 
Cobscook Bay for Myriochele heeri Malmgren, 1867 
Cobscook Bay for Mystides borealis Théel, 1879 
Cobscook Bay for Myxicola infundibulum (Montagu, 1808) 
Cobscook Bay for Myxicola steenstrupi Krøyer, 1856 
Cobscook Bay for Naineris quadricuspida (Fabricius, 1780) 
Cobscook Bay for Neanthes diversicolor (Müller, 1776) 
Cobscook Bay for Neanthes virens (M. Sars, 1835) 
Cobscook Bay for Neoamphitrite affinis (Malmgren, 1866) 
Cobscook Bay for Neoleanira tetragona (Örsted, 1845) 
Cobscook Bay for Nephtys bucera Ehlers, 1868