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Reaka, M. L., D. K. Camp, F. Álvarez, A. G. Gracia, M. Ortiz, and A. R. Vázquez-Bader. 2009. Stomatopoda (Crustacea) of the Gulf of Mexico, Pp. 901–921 in Felder, D.L. and D.K. Camp (eds.), Gulf of Mexico–Origins, Waters, and Biota. Biodiversity. Texas A&
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z

Acoridon manningi Adkison, Heard & Hopkins, 1983 (additional source)
Bathysquilla microps (Manning, 1961) (additional source)
Cloridopsis dubia (H. Milne Edwards, 1837) (additional source)
Coronis scolopendra Latreille, 1828 (additional source)
Eurysquilla plumata (Bigelow, 1901) (additional source)
Fennerosquilla heptacantha (Chace, 1939) (additional source)
Gibbesia neglecta (Gibbes, 1850) (additional source)
Gibbesia prasinolineata (Dana, 1852) (additional source)
Heterosquilloides armata (Smith, 1881) (additional source)
Lysiosquilla campechiensis Manning, 1962 (additional source)
Lysiosquilla scabricauda (Lamarck, 1818) (additional source)
Lysiosquillina glabriuscula (Lamarck, 1818) accepted as Lysiosquilla glabriuscula (Lamarck, 1818) (additional source)
Meiosquilla quadridens (Bigelow, 1893) (additional source)
Meiosquilla randalli (Manning, 1962) (additional source)
Meiosquilla schmitti (Lemos de Castro, 1955) (additional source)
Mexisquilla horologii (Camp, 1971) (additional source)
Nannosquilla candidensis Hernández Aguilera & Hermoso Salazar, 1988 (additional source)
Nannosquilla disca Camp & Manning, 1986 (additional source)
Nannosquilla heardi Camp & Manning, 1982 (additional source)
Nannosquilla schmitti (Manning, 1962) (additional source)
Nannosquilla taylori Manning, 1969 (additional source)
Neogonodactylus caribbaeus (Schotte & Manning, 1993) (additional source)
Neogonodactylus curacaoensis (Schmitt, 1924) (additional source)
Neogonodactylus lacunatus (Manning, 1966) (additional source)
Neogonodactylus oerstedii (Hansen, 1895) (additional source)
Neogonodactylus spinulosus (Schmitt, 1924) (additional source)
Neogonodactylus torus (Manning, 1969) (additional source)
Parasquilla coccinea Manning, 1962 (additional source)
Pseudosquillisma oculata (Brullé, 1837) (additional source)
Pullosquilla litoralis (Michel & Manning, 1971) (additional source)
Squilla chydaea Manning, 1962 (additional source)
Squilla deceptrix Manning, 1969 (additional source)
Squilla edentata edentata (Lunz, 1937) (basis of record)
Squilla empusa Say, 1818 (additional source)
Squilla grenadensis Manning, 1969 (additional source)
Squilla intermedia Bigelow, 1893 (additional source)
Squilla rugosa Bigelow, 1893 (additional source)
Tectasquilla lutzae Adkison & Hopkins, 1984 (additional source)
Tetrasquilla mccullochae (Schmitt, 1940) (additional source)