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Ching, H. 1991. Lists of larval worms from marine invertebrates of the Pacific Coast of North America. Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington 58: 57-68.
Ching, H.
Lists of larval worms from marine invertebrates of the Pacific Coast of North America
Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington
58: 57-68
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Acanthoparyphium spinulosum Johnston, 1917 (biology source)
Ascorhytis charadriformis (Young, 1949) Ching, 1965 (biology source)
Austrobilharzia variglandis (Miller & Northup, 1926) Penner, 1953 (biology source)
Catatropis johnstoni Martin, 1956 (biology source)
Cercaria foliatae Miller, 1925 (biology source)
Cercaria littorinalinae Penner, 1950 (biology source)
Cercaria margaritensis Ching, 1982 accepted as Parvatrema margaritense (Ching, 1982) Galaktionov, Irwin & Saville, 2006 (biology source)
Cercaria noblei Giles, 1962 (biology source)
Cercaria purpuracauda Miller, 1925 (biology source)
Cercaria searlesiae Miller, 1925 (biology source)
Cloacitrema michiganensis McIntosh, 1938 (biology source)
Cryptocotyle lingua (Creplin, 1825) Fischoeder, 1903 (biology source)
Euhaplorchis californiensis Martin, 1950 (biology source)
Gymnophallus deliciosus (Olsson, 1893) Odhner, 1900 (biology source)
Gymnophallus somateriae (Levinsen, 1881) Odhner, 1900 (biology source)
Himasthla rhigedana Dietz, 1909 (biology source)
Lacunovermis conspicuus Ching, 1965 accepted as Lacunovermis macomae (Lebour, 1908) Loos-Franck, 1970 (biology source)
Lecithaster salmonis Yamaguti, 1934 (original description (unavailable nomenclaturally))
Maritrema gratiosum Nicoll, 1907 (biology source)
Maritrema laricola Ching, 1963 (biology source)
Maritrema megametrios Deblock & Rausch, 1968 (biology source)
Maritrema pacifica Ching, 1974 (biology source)
Meiogymnophallus multigemmulus Ching, 1965 accepted as Gymnophallus affinis Jameson & Nicoll, 1913 (biology source)
Mesostephanus appendiculatus (Ciurea, 1916) Lutz, 1935 (biology source)
Microphallus nicolli (Cable & Hunninen, 1938) Baer, 1944 (biology source)
Microphallus pirum (Afanasyev, 1941) Rausch, 1953 accepted as Microphallus comandorensis Deblock, 1980 accepted as Microphallus enhydrae Rausch & Locker, 1951 (biology source)
Microphallus pygmaeus (Levinsen, 1881) Baer, 1944 (biology source)
Microphallus similis (Jägerskiöld, 1900) Baer, 1944 (biology source)
Neolebouria tinkerbellae Thompson & Margolis, 1987 accepted as Mesobathylebouria tinkerbellae (Thompson & Margolis, 1987) Martin, Huston, Cutmore & Cribb, 2018 (biology source)
Nitidella carinata (Hinds, 1844) accepted as Alia carinata (Hinds, 1844) (basis of record)
Parastictodora hancocki Martin, 1950 accepted as Acanthotrema hancocki (Martin, 1950) Lafuente, Roca & Carbonell, 2000 (biology source)
Parorchis acanthus (Nicoll, 1906) Nicoll, 1907 (biology source)
Parvatrema borealis Stunkard & Uzmann, 1958 accepted as Parvatrema boreale Stunkard & Uzmann, 1958 (biology source)
Parvatrema obscurum (Ching, 1960) James, 1964 accepted as Gymnophallus obscurus Ching, 1960 (biology source)
Phocitremoides ovale Martin, 1950 (biology source)
Podocotyle enophrysi Park, 1937 (biology source)
Probolocoryphe uca (Sarkisian, 1957) Heard & Sikora, 1969 accepted as Probolocoryphe glandulosa (Coil, 1955) Heard & Sikora, 1969 (biology source)
Pronoprymna petrowi (Layman, 1930) Bray & Gibson, 1980 (biology source)
Pseudospelotrema japonicum Yamaguti, 1939 (biology source)
Psilostomum magniovum Ching, 1980 (biology source)
Pygidiopsoides spindalis Martin, 1951 (biology source)
Renicola buchanani (Martin & Gregory, 1951) (biology source)
Renicola cerithidicola Martin, 1971 (biology source)
Renicola thaidus Stunkard, 1964 accepted as Renicola parvicaudatus (Stunkard & Shaw, 1931) Galaktionov, Solovyeva, Blakeslee & Skírnisson, 2022 (biology source)
Telolecithus pugetensis Lloyd & Guberlet, 1932 (biology source)
Alaskan part of the North Pacific Ocean for Microphallus pirum (Afanasyev, 1941) Rausch, 1953 
California for Mesostephanus appendiculatus (Ciurea, 1916) Lutz, 1935 
Friday Harbor for Cercaria foliatae Miller, 1925 
Friday Harbor for Cercaria purpuracauda Miller, 1925 
Friday Harbor for Cercaria searlesiae Miller, 1925 
Northern California for Acanthoparyphium spinulosum Johnston, 1917 
Northern California for Ascorhytis charadriformis (Young, 1949) Ching, 1965 
Northern California for Catatropis johnstoni Martin, 1956 
Northern California for Cercaria noblei Giles, 1962 
Northern California for Himasthla rhigedana Dietz, 1909 
Northern California for Parvatrema obscurum (Ching, 1960) James, 1964 
Northern California for Probolocoryphe uca (Sarkisian, 1957) Heard & Sikora, 1969 
Northern California for Renicola buchanani (Martin & Gregory, 1951) 
Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Coast and Shelf for Cercaria margaritensis Ching, 1982 
Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Coast and Shelf for Gymnophallus deliciosus (Olsson, 1893) Odhner, 1900 
Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Coast and Shelf for Gymnophallus somateriae (Levinsen, 1881) Odhner, 1900 
Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Coast and Shelf for Lecithaster salmonis Yamaguti, 1934 
Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Coast and Shelf for Microphallus pygmaeus (Levinsen, 1881) Baer, 1944 
Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Coast and Shelf for Pronoprymna petrowi (Layman, 1930) Bray & Gibson, 1980 
Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Coast and Shelf for Pseudospelotrema japonicum Yamaguti, 1939 
Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Coast and Shelf for Telolecithus pugetensis Lloyd & Guberlet, 1932 
Pacific Coast of Canada for Podocotyle enophrysi Park, 1937 
Pacific Coast of the United States for Maritrema laricola Ching, 1963 
Pacific Coast of the United States for Parvatrema borealis Stunkard & Uzmann, 1958 
Southern California Bight for Cercaria littorinalinae Penner, 1950 
Southern California Bight for Cloacitrema michiganensis McIntosh, 1938 
Southern California Bight for Euhaplorchis californiensis Martin, 1950 
Southern California Bight for Maritrema pacifica Ching, 1974 
Southern California Bight for Microphallus nicolli (Cable & Hunninen, 1938) Baer, 1944 
Southern California Bight for Parastictodora hancocki Martin, 1950 
Southern California Bight for Parorchis acanthus (Nicoll, 1906) Nicoll, 1907 
Southern California Bight for Phocitremoides ovale Martin, 1950 
Southern California Bight for Pygidiopsoides spindalis Martin, 1951 
Vancouver for Ascorhytis charadriformis (Young, 1949) Ching, 1965 
Vancouver for Austrobilharzia variglandis (Miller & Northup, 1926) Penner, 1953 
Vancouver for Cryptocotyle lingua (Creplin, 1825) Fischoeder, 1903 
Vancouver for Lacunovermis conspicuus Ching, 1965 
Vancouver for Maritrema gratiosum Nicoll, 1907 
Vancouver for Maritrema megametrios Deblock & Rausch, 1968 
Vancouver for Meiogymnophallus multigemmulus Ching, 1965 
Vancouver for Microphallus similis (Jägerskiöld, 1900) Baer, 1944 
Vancouver for Neolebouria tinkerbellae Thompson & Margolis, 1987 
Vancouver for Psilostomum magniovum Ching, 1980 
Vancouver for Renicola thaidus Stunkard, 1964