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Faubel, A. (1983). The Polycladida, Turbellaria - Proposal and estalishment of a new system Part I. The Acotylea. Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut. 80: 17-121.
Faubel, A
The Polycladida, Turbellaria - Proposal and estalishment of a new system Part I. The Acotylea
Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut
80: 17-121
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Anandroplana muscularis Hyman, 1955 (status source)
Armatoplana Faubel, 1983 (original description)
Armatoplana lactea (Laidlaw, 1903) Faubel, 1983 (new combination reference)
Armatoplana panamensis (Plehn, 1896) Faubel, 1983 (source of synonymy)
Candimba Marcus, 1949 (status source)
Cestoplana nexa Sopott-Ehlers & Schmidt, 1975 (status source)
Chiliplana Faubel, 1983 (original description)
Chiliplana taltalensis Faubel, 1983 (original description)
Didangia Faubel, 1983 (original description)
Didangia mactanensis Faubel, 1983 (original description)
Diplosolenia Haswell, 1907 accepted as Callioplana marginata Stimpson, 1857 (source of synonymy)
Discocelis lactea (Stimpson, 1857) (status source)
Discocelis lichenoides (Mertens, 1833) (status source)
Discoprosthides Faubel, 1983 (original description)
Discoprosthides patagoniensis Faubel, 1983 (original description)
Latocestus maldivensis (Laidlaw, 1902) (status source)
Latocestus whartoni (Pearse, 1938) (status source)
Leptoplana brunnea Cheeseman, 1882 (status source)
Leptoplana capensis Schmarda, 1859 (status source)
Leptoplana collaris Stimpson, 1855 accepted as Prosthiostomum collare (Stimpson, 1855) (status source)
Leptoplana delicatula Stimpson, 1857 (status source)
Leptoplana formosa Darwin, 1844 (status source)
Leptoplana fulva Kelaart, 1858 (status source)
Leptoplana fusca Stimpson, 1857 (status source)
Leptoplana inconspicua Pease, 1860 (status source)
Leptoplana littoralis Morgan, 1905 (status source)
Leptoplana maculosa Stimpson, 1857 (status source)
Leptoplana moseleyi Lang, 1884 (status source)
Leptoplana notabilis Darwin, 1844 (status source)
Leptoplana punctata Stimpson, 1857 (status source)
Leptostylochus palombii Faubel, 1983 accepted as Pseudidioplana palombii Prudhoe, 1989 (original description)
Mexistylochus Hyman, 1953 (status source)
Notocirrus Faubel, 1983 accepted as Faubelus Özdikmen, 2010 (original description)
Notocirrus neupommerensis Faubel, 1983 accepted as Faubelus neupommerensis (Faubel, 1983) (original description)
Notoplanides opisthopharynx Palombi, 1928 accepted as Stylochoplana opisthopharynx (Palombi, 1928) (source of synonymy)
Planocera aurea (Kelaart, 1858) (status source)
Planocera pelagica (Moseley, 1877) accepted as Planocera pellucida (Mertens, 1833) (source of synonymy)
Planocera reticulata (Gray, 1860) accepted as Planocera reticulata (Stimpson, 1855) (source of synonymy)
Polycladida (basis of record)
Pseudostylochus mactanensis Faubel, 1983 (original description)
Shelfordia Stummer-Traunfels, 1902 accepted as Limnoplana Faubel, 1983 (source of synonymy)
Stylochoplana pusilla Bock, 1924 accepted as Comoplana pusilla (Bock, 1924) (source of synonymy)
Stylochus (Distylochus) Faubel, 1983 (original description)
Stylochus luteus (Muller J., 1854) (status source)