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Korshunova, T.; Martynov, A.; Picton, B. (2017). Ontogeny as an important part of integrative taxonomy in tergipedid aeolidaceans (Gastropoda: Nudibranchia) with a description of a new genus and species from the Barents Sea. Zootaxa. 4324(1): 1.
10.11646/zootaxa.4324.1.1 [view]
Korshunova, T.; Martynov, A.; Picton, B.
Ontogeny as an important part of integrative taxonomy in tergipedid aeolidaceans (Gastropoda: Nudibranchia) with a description of a new genus and species from the Barents Sea
4324(1): 1
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The taxonomy of aeolidacean nudibranchs of the traditional group previously known as Tergipedidae is discussed. To integrate the diverse molecular phylogenetic pattern and morphological disparity in a broadly ontogenetic context a revised classification at the family level is presented. The families Calmidae Iredale & O'Donoghue, 1923, Eubranchidae Odhner, 1934, Fionidae Gray, 1857 s. str. (restricted, with the genus Fiona only), and Tergipedidae Bergh, 1889 s.str. (restricted, with inclusion of the genus Tergipes only) are restored. The families Cuthonidae Odhner, 1934 s.str. (restricted, with only single genus Cuthona), Cuthonellidae Miller, 1971, stat. nov., and Trinchesiidae Nordsieck, 1972 (with inclusion of the genera Catriona, Diaphoreolis, Phestilla, Tenellia, Trinchesia) are reinstated. At the genus level, the family Trinchesiidae appears as a most diverse assemblage that needs to be further divided. In the present study, the “Eolis” pustulata species complex is particularly investigated, including description of a new ontogenetically different species Zelentia ninel sp. nov. “Eolis” pustulata Alder & Hancock, 1854 and two closely related species are morphologically well separated from Trinchesia s. str. (absence of foot corners, narrow radular teeth) and form a distinct molecular phylogenetic clade basal to all the other Trinchesiidae. Therefore, this group is a distinct unit according to both morphological and molecular data and is separated here as a new genus, Zelentia gen. nov. The genus Catriona is also briefly discussed and the valid status of the species Catriona aurantia (Alder et Hancock, 1842) stat. nov. is confirmed.
North Atlantic
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Calmidae Iredale & O'Donoghue, 1923 (status source)
Catriona Winckworth, 1941 (status source)
Catriona aurantia (Alder & Hancock, 1842) (status source)
Catriona gymnota (Couthouy, 1838) (status source)
Cuthona diversicolor Baba, 1975 accepted as Trinchesia diversicolor Baba, 1975 (taxonomy source)
Cuthonella Bergh, 1884 (status source)
Cuthonella punicea (Millen, 1986) (new combination reference)
Cuthonellinae M. C. Miller, 1977 accepted as Cuthonellidae M. C. Miller, 1977 (status source)
Cuthonidae Odhner, 1934 (status source)
Diaphoreolis Iredale & O'Donoghue, 1923 (status source)
Diaphoreolis flavovulta (MacFarland, 1966) (new combination reference)
Diaphoreolis lagunae (O'Donoghue, 1926) (new combination reference)
Diaphoreolis northumbrica (Alder & Hancock, 1844) accepted as Diaphoreolis stipata (Alder & Hancock, 1843) (status source)
Diaphoreolis viridis (Forbes, 1840) (new combination reference)
Eubranchidae Odhner, 1934 (status source)
Eubranchus Forbes, 1838 (additional source)
Phestilla Bergh, 1874 (status source)
Phestilla poritophages (Rudman, 1979) (new combination reference)
Tenellia fulgens (MacFarland, 1966) accepted as Zelentia fulgens (MacFarland, 1966) (source of synonymy)
Tenellia lenkae (Martynov, 2002) accepted as Trinchesia lenkae Martynov, 2002 (new combination reference)
Tenellia minor (Rudman, 1981) accepted as Phestilla minor Rudman, 1981 (new combination reference)
Tenellia sibogae (Bergh, 1905) accepted as Phestilla sibogae Bergh, 1905 (status source)
Tergipedidae Bergh, 1889 (status source)
Tergipes Cuvier, 1805 (status source)
Trinchesia albocrusta (MacFarland, 1966) (new combination reference)
Trinchesia foliata (Forbes & Goodsir, 1839) (new combination reference)
Trinchesia genovae (O'Donoghue, 1926) (new combination reference)
Trinchesia sibogae (Bergh, 1905) (status source)
Trinchesia speciosa (Macnae, 1954) (new combination reference)
Trinchesia virens (MacFarland, 1966) (new combination reference)
Trinchesiidae F. Nordsieck, 1972 (status source)
Zelentia Korshunova, Martynov & Picton, 2017 (original description)
Zelentia fulgens (MacFarland, 1966) (new combination reference)
Zelentia ninel Korshunova, Martynov & Picton, 2017 (original description)
Zelentia pustulata (Alder & Hancock, 1854) (new combination reference)