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Enhydrosoma Boeck, 1872

115264  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:115264)

Enhydrosoma curticauda Boeck, 1873 (type by subsequent designation)
Species Enhydrosoma baruchi Coull, 1975
Species Enhydrosoma caeni Raibaut, 1965
Species Enhydrosoma cananeiae Jakobi, 1955
Species Enhydrosoma casoae Gómez, 2003
Species Enhydrosoma coreana Kim K., Trebukhova, W. Lee & Karanovic, 2014
Species Enhydrosoma curticauda Boeck, 1873
Species Enhydrosoma gariene Gurney, 1930
Species Enhydrosoma gerlachi Jakobi, 1955
Species Enhydrosoma guaratubae Jakobi, 1955
Species Enhydrosoma herrerai Bell & Kern, 1983
Species Enhydrosoma hopkinsi Lang, 1965
Species Enhydrosoma ivetteae Jakobi, 1955
Species Enhydrosoma lacunae Jakubisiak, 1933
Species Enhydrosoma latipes (Scott A., 1909)
Species Enhydrosoma littorale Wells, 1967
Species Enhydrosoma longicauda Marinov & Apostolov, 1983
Species Enhydrosoma longifurcatum Sars G.O., 1909
Species Enhydrosoma mangroviae Jakobi, 1955
Species Enhydrosoma micrurum Monard, 1928
Species Enhydrosoma migoti Monard, 1926
Species Enhydrosoma minimum Jakobi, 1955
Species Enhydrosoma parapropinquum Gómez, 2003
Species Enhydrosoma pectinatum Wells & Rao, 1987
Species Enhydrosoma pericoense Mielke, 1990
Species Enhydrosoma ponticum Jakubisiak, 1938
Species Enhydrosoma propinquum (Brady, 1880)
Species Enhydrosoma rosae Fiers, 1996
Species Enhydrosoma sarsi (Scott T., 1905)
Species Enhydrosoma serdarsaki Sonmez, Yildiz & Karaytug, 2019
Species Enhydrosoma solitarium Gómez, 2003
Species Enhydrosoma sordidum Monard, 1926
Species Enhydrosoma tunisensis Monard, 1935
Species Enhydrosoma variabile Wells, Hicks & Coull, 1982
Species Enhydrosoma vicinum Por, 1967
Species Enhydrosoma wellsi Bodin, 1968
Species Enhydrosoma woodini Thistle, 1980

Species Enhydrosoma barnishi Wells, 1967 accepted as Schizacron barnishi (Wells, 1967)
Species Enhydrosoma bifurcarostratum Shen & Tai, 1965 accepted as Schizacron bifurcarostratus (Shen & Tai, 1965)
Species Enhydrosoma birsteini Borutzky, 1971 accepted as Kollerua birsteini (Borutzky, 1971)
Species Enhydrosoma breviarticulatum Shen & Tai, 1964 accepted as Kollerua breviarticulatum (Shen & Tai, 1964)
Species Enhydrosoma brevipodum Gómez, 2004 accepted as Geehydrosoma brevipodum (Gómez, 2004)
Species Enhydrosoma buchholtzi (Boeck, 1873) accepted as Strongylacron buchholtzi (Boeck, 1873)
Species Enhydrosoma curvatum Brady, 1880 accepted as Rhizothrix curvata Brady, 1880
Species Enhydrosoma curvirostre (Scott T., 1894) accepted as Spinapecruris curvirostre (Scott T., 1894)
Species Enhydrosoma curvirostris (Scott T., 1894) accepted as Enhydrosoma curvirostre (Scott T., 1894) accepted as Spinapecruris curvirostre (Scott T., 1894)
Species Enhydrosoma franklini Thistle, 1980 accepted as Enhydrosomella franklini (Thistle, 1980)
Species Enhydrosoma gariensis Gurney, 1930 accepted as Enhydrosoma gariene Gurney, 1930
Species Enhydrosoma gracile Scott T., 1903 accepted as Rhizothrix gracilis (Scott T., 1903) (generic transfer)
Species Enhydrosoma illgi Chappuis, 1958 accepted as Orthopsyllus illgi (Chappuis, 1958)
Species Enhydrosoma intermedia Chislenko, 1978 accepted as Geehydrosoma intermedia (Chislenko, 1978)
Species Enhydrosoma kuehnemanni (Pallares, 1968) accepted as Enhydrosomella kuehnemanni Pallares, 1968
Species Enhydrosoma longicaudata Boeck, 1872 accepted as Cletodes longicaudatus (Boeck, 1872) (generic transfer)
Species Enhydrosoma longum Shen & Tai, 1979 accepted as Kollerua longum (Shen & Tai, 1979)
Species Enhydrosoma minutum Scott T., 1903 accepted as Rhizothrix minuta (Scott T., 1903) (generic transfer)
Species Enhydrosoma nicobarica Sewell, 1940 accepted as Triathrix nicobarica (Sewell, 1940) accepted as Chalarosthrix nicobarica (Sewell, 1940)
Species Enhydrosoma perplexa (Scott T., 1899) accepted as Acrenhydrosoma perplexa (Scott T., 1899) accepted as Acrenhydrosoma perplexum (Scott T., 1899)
Species Enhydrosoma radhakrishnai Ranga Reddy, 1979 accepted as Kollerua radhakrishnai (Ranga Reddy, 1979)
Species Enhydrosoma setiensis (Raibaut, 1965) accepted as Enhydrosomella setiensis Raibaut, 1965
Species Enhydrosoma staufferi (Monard, 1935) accepted as Enhydrosomella staufferi Monard, 1935
Species Enhydrosoma stylicaudatum (Willey, 1935) accepted as Stylicletodes stylicaudatus (Willey, 1935)
Species Enhydrosoma vervoorti Fiers, 1987 accepted as Schizacron vervoorti (Fiers, 1987)

Species Enhydrosoma uniarticulatum Borutzky, 1929 represented as Enhydrosoma uniarticulatum uniarticulatum Borutzky, 1929 accepted as Kollerua uniarticulatum (Borutzky, 1929)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Boeck, A. (1872). Nye Slaegter og Arter af Saltvands-Copepoder. Forhandlinger i Videnskabs-Selskabet i Kristiana 1872:35-60.
page(s): 53 [details]  OpenAccess publication 
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original description Boeck, A. (1872). Nye Slaegter og Arter af Saltvands-Copepoder. Forhandlinger i Videnskabs-Selskabet i Kristiana 1872:35-60.
page(s): 53 [details]  OpenAccess publication 

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page(s): 53 [details]   

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Enhydrosoma curticauda from Sars, G.O. 1909
 Enhydrosoma curtica...
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