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Pulitzer-Finali, G. (1978). Report on a Collection of Sponges from the Bay of Naples. III Hadromerida, Axinellida, Poecilosclerida, Halichondrida, Haplosclerida. Bollettino dei Musei e degli Istituti Biologici dell'Universitá di Genova. 45: 7-89.
Pulitzer-Finali, G.
Report on a Collection of Sponges from the Bay of Naples. III Hadromerida, Axinellida, Poecilosclerida, Halichondrida, Haplosclerida.
Bollettino dei Musei e degli Istituti Biologici dell’Universitá di Genova
45: 7-89
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Aaptos aaptos (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Acanthella acuta Schmidt, 1862 (additional source)
Adocia simulans (Johnston, 1842) accepted as Haliclona (Haliclona) simulans (Johnston, 1842) (additional source)
Agelas oroides (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Anchinoe fictitius (Bowerbank, 1866) accepted as Phorbas fictitius (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Anchinoe tenacior Topsent, 1925 accepted as Phorbas tenacior (Topsent, 1925) (additional source)
Antho involvens (Schmidt, 1864) represented as Antho (Antho) involvens (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Axinella damicornis (Esper, 1794) (additional source)
Axinella verrucosa (Esper, 1794) (additional source)
Batzella friabilis Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 (original description)
Batzella inops (Topsent, 1891) (additional source)
Biemna partenopea Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 (original description)
Biemna tenuisigma Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 (original description)
Bubaris carcisis Vacelet, 1969 (additional source)
Bubaris vermiculata (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Calyx nicaeensis (Risso, 1827) (additional source)
Chondrilla nucula Schmidt, 1862 (additional source)
Chondrosia reniformis Nardo, 1847 (additional source)
Ciocalypta hyalina (Pulitzer-Finali, 1978) (original description)
Ciocalypta penicillus Bowerbank, 1862 (additional source)
Clathria toxivaria (Sarà, 1959) represented as Clathria (Clathria) toxivaria (Sarà, 1959) (additional source)
Cliona vastifica Hancock, 1849 accepted as Pione vastifica (Hancock, 1849) (additional source)
Cliona viridis (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Coelectys insinuans Topsent, 1936 accepted as Chaetodoryx insinuans (Topsent, 1936) (additional source)
Coelocalypta hyalina Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 accepted as Ciocalypta hyalina (Pulitzer-Finali, 1978) (original description)
Crambe crambe (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Crella mollior Topsent, 1925 represented as Crella (Crella) mollior Topsent, 1925 (additional source)
Damiriella cavernosa (Topsent, 1892) accepted as Lissodendoryx (Anomodoryx) cavernosa (Topsent, 1892) (additional source)
Dendroxea lenis (Topsent, 1892) (additional source)
Dictyonella incisa (Schmidt, 1880) (additional source)
Diplastrella bistellata (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Diplastrella ornata Rützler & Sarà, 1962 (additional source)
Endectyon delaubenfelsi Burton, 1930 represented as Endectyon (Endectyon) delaubenfelsi Burton, 1930 (additional source)
Eurypon major Sarà & Siribelli, 1960 (additional source)
Gellius angulatus (Bowerbank, 1866) accepted as Haliclona (Gellius) angulata (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Gellius flagellifer Ridley & Dendy, 1886 accepted as Haliclona (Flagellia) flagellifera (Ridley & Dendy, 1886) (additional source)
Gellius marismedi Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 accepted as Haliclona (Gellius) marismedi (Pulitzer-Finali, 1978) (original description)
Grayella pulvinar (Schmidt, 1868) represented as Crella (Grayella) pulvinar (Schmidt, 1868) (basis of record)
Halichondria aurantiaca (Schmidt, 1864) represented as Axinyssa aurantiaca (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Halichondria panicea (Pallas, 1766) represented as Halichondria (Halichondria) panicea (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Haliclona limbata (Montagu, 1814) accepted as Chalinula limbata (Montagu, 1814) (additional source)
Haliclona mediterranea Griessinger, 1971 represented as Haliclona (Reniera) mediterranea Griessinger, 1971 (additional source)
Haliclona renieroides (Schmidt, 1868) accepted as Chalinula renieroides Schmidt, 1868 (new combination reference)
Halicnemia patera Bowerbank, 1864 (additional source)
Hamacantha falcula (Bowerbank, 1874) represented as Hamacantha (Vomerula) falcula (Bowerbank, 1874) (additional source)
Hamacantha megancistra Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 represented as Hamacantha (Vomerula) megancistra Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 (original description)
Hemimycale columella (Bowerbank, 1874) (additional source)
Higginsia mediterranea Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 (original description)
Hymedesmia baculifera (Topsent, 1901) represented as Hymedesmia (Hymedesmia) baculifera (Topsent, 1901) (additional source)
Hymedesmia peachii Bowerbank, 1882 represented as Hymedesmia (Hymedesmia) peachii Bowerbank, 1882 (additional source)
Hymedesmia versicolor (Topsent, 1893) represented as Hymedesmia (Hymedesmia) versicolor (Topsent, 1893) (additional source)
Hymeniacidon sanguinea (Grant, 1826) accepted as Hymeniacidon perlevis (Montagu, 1814) (additional source)
Hymerhabdia typica Topsent, 1892 (additional source)
Microciona gradalis (Topsent, 1925) accepted as Clathria (Microciona) gradalis Topsent, 1925 (additional source)
Microciona strepsitoxa Hope, 1889 accepted as Clathria (Microciona) strepsitoxa (Hope, 1889) (additional source)
Microciona toxitenuis (Topsent, 1925) accepted as Clathria (Microciona) toxitenuis Topsent, 1925 (additional source)
Monocrepidium vermiculatum Topsent, 1898 (additional source)
Mycale contarenii (Lieberkühn, 1859) represented as Mycale (Aegogropila) contarenii (Lieberkühn, 1859) (additional source)
Mycale massa (Schmidt, 1862) represented as Mycale (Mycale) massa (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Mycale rotalis (Bowerbank, 1874) represented as Mycale (Aegogropila) rotalis (Bowerbank, 1874) (additional source)
Mycale syrinx (Schmidt, 1862) represented as Mycale (Aegogropila) syrinx (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Myxilla iotrochotina (Topsent, 1892) represented as Myxilla (Myxilla) iotrochotina (Topsent, 1892) (additional source)
Myxilla rosacea (Lieberkühn, 1859) represented as Myxilla (Myxilla) rosacea (Lieberkühn, 1859) (additional source)
Ophlitaspongia translata Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 accepted as Echinoclathria translata (Pulitzer-Finali, 1978) (original description)
Pachychalina rustica Schmidt, 1868 (additional source)
Paratimea oxeata Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 (original description)
Pellina semitubulosa (Lamarck, 1814) accepted as Halichondria (Halichondria) semitubulosa (Lamarck, 1814) (additional source)
Petrosia dura (Schmidt, 1862) accepted as Petrosia (Petrosia) ficiformis (Poiret, 1789) (additional source)
Plocamilla coriacea (Bowerbank, 1874) accepted as Antho (Acarnia) coriacea (Bowerbank, 1874) (additional source)
Polymastia mamillaris (Müller, 1806) (additional source)
Prosuberites epiphytum sensu Topsent, 1900 accepted as Protosuberites denhartogi van Soest & de Kluijver, 2003 (additional source)
Prosuberites longispina Topsent, 1893 accepted as Prosuberites longispinus Topsent, 1893 (additional source)
Prosuberites modestus Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 accepted as Protosuberites modestus (Pulitzer-Finali, 1978) (original description)
Protosuberites modestus (Pulitzer-Finali, 1978) (original description)
Pytheas rosea (Topsent, 1892) accepted as Crella (Yvesia) rosea (Topsent, 1892) (additional source)
Raspaciona aculeata (Johnston, 1842) (additional source)
Raspailia viminalis Schmidt, 1862 represented as Raspailia (Raspailia) viminalis Schmidt, 1862 (additional source)
Reniera cratera Schmidt, 1862 accepted as Haliclona (Reniera) cratera (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Reniera fulva Topsent, 1893 accepted as Haliclona (Halichoclona) fulva (Topsent, 1893) (additional source)
Reniera implexa Schmidt, 1868 accepted as Haliclona (Soestella) implexa (Schmidt, 1868) (additional source)
Reniera mucosa Griessinger, 1971 accepted as Haliclona (Soestella) mucosa (Griessinger, 1971) (additional source)
Reniera omissa Griessinger, 1971 accepted as Haliclona omissa (Griessinger, 1971) (additional source)
Reniera plana Topsent, 1892 accepted as Xestospongia plana (Topsent, 1892) (additional source)
Reniera sarai Pulitzer-Finali, 1969 accepted as Haliclona (Rhizoniera) sarai (Pulitzer-Finali, 1969) (additional source)
Reniera valliculata Griessinger, 1971 accepted as Haliclona (Soestella) valliculata (Griessinger, 1971) (additional source)
Rhaphisia laxa Topsent, 1892 accepted as Haliclona (Gellius) laxa (Topsent, 1892) (additional source)
Rhizaxinella elongata (Ridley & Dendy, 1886) (additional source)
Rhizaxinella gracilis (Lendenfeld, 1898) (additional source)
Rhizaxinella pyrifera (Delle Chiaje, 1828) (additional source)
Sigmatoxella annexa (Schmidt, 1870) accepted as Desmacella annexa Schmidt, 1870 (additional source)
Spirastrella cunctatrix Schmidt, 1868 (additional source)
Spirastrella minax (Topsent, 1888) accepted as Trachycladus minax (Topsent, 1888) (additional source)
Spongosorites intricatus (Topsent, 1892) (additional source)
Stylopus dujardini (Bowerbank, 1866) accepted as Hymedesmia (Stylopus) coriacea (Fristedt, 1885) (additional source)
Stylopus nigrescens Topsent, 1925 accepted as Hymedesmia (Stylopus) nigrescens (Topsent, 1925) (additional source)
Stylostichon fibulatum Topsent, 1893 accepted as Phorbas fibulatus (Topsent, 1893) (additional source)
Suberites domuncula (Olivi, 1792) (additional source)
Suberites syringella (Schmidt, 1868) (additional source)
Tedania anhelans (Vio in Olivi, 1792) represented as Tedania (Tedania) anhelans (Vio in Olivi, 1792) (additional source)
Terpios fugax Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864 (additional source)
Italian Exclusive Economic Zone for Batzella friabilis Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Aaptos aaptos (Schmidt, 1864) 
Western Mediterranean for Aaptos aaptos (Schmidt, 1864) 
Western Mediterranean for Acanthella acuta Schmidt, 1862 
Western Mediterranean for Agelas oroides (Schmidt, 1864) 
Western Mediterranean for Anchinoe fictitius (Bowerbank, 1866) 
Western Mediterranean for Anchinoe tenacior Topsent, 1925 
Western Mediterranean for Antho involvens (Schmidt, 1864) 
Western Mediterranean for Axinella damicornis (Esper, 1794) 
Western Mediterranean for Axinella verrucosa (Esper, 1794) 
Western Mediterranean for Batzella friabilis Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Batzella inops (Topsent, 1891) 
Western Mediterranean for Biemna tenuisigma Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Bubaris carcisis Vacelet, 1969 
Western Mediterranean for Bubaris vermiculata (Bowerbank, 1866) 
Western Mediterranean for Calyx nicaeensis (Risso, 1827) 
Western Mediterranean for Chondrilla nucula Schmidt, 1862 
Western Mediterranean for Chondrosia reniformis Nardo, 1847 
Western Mediterranean for Ciocalypta hyalina (Pulitzer-Finali, 1978) 
Western Mediterranean for Ciocalypta penicillus Bowerbank, 1862 
Western Mediterranean for Clathria gradalis Topsent, 1925 
Western Mediterranean for Clathria toxivaria (Sarà, 1959) 
Western Mediterranean for Cliona vastifica Hancock, 1849 
Western Mediterranean for Cliona viridis (Schmidt, 1862) 
Western Mediterranean for Coelectys insinuans Topsent, 1936 
Western Mediterranean for Coelocalypta hyalina Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Crambe crambe (Schmidt, 1862) 
Western Mediterranean for Crella mollior Topsent, 1925 
Western Mediterranean for Damiriella cavernosa (Topsent, 1892) 
Western Mediterranean for Dendroxea lenis (Topsent, 1892) 
Western Mediterranean for Dictyonella incisa (Schmidt, 1880) 
Western Mediterranean for Diplastrella bistellata (Schmidt, 1862) 
Western Mediterranean for Diplastrella ornata Rützler & Sarà, 1962 
Western Mediterranean for Endectyon delaubenfelsi Burton, 1930 
Western Mediterranean for Eurypon major Sarà & Siribelli, 1960 
Western Mediterranean for Gellius angulatus (Bowerbank, 1866) 
Western Mediterranean for Gellius flagellifer Ridley & Dendy, 1886  (inaccurate)
Western Mediterranean for Gellius marismedi Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Grayella pulvinar (Schmidt, 1868) 
Western Mediterranean for Halichondria aurantiaca (Schmidt, 1864) 
Western Mediterranean for Halichondria panicea (Pallas, 1766) 
Western Mediterranean for Haliclona limbata (Montagu, 1814) 
Western Mediterranean for Haliclona mediterranea Griessinger, 1971 
Western Mediterranean for Haliclona renieroides (Schmidt, 1868) 
Western Mediterranean for Halicnemia patera Bowerbank, 1864 
Western Mediterranean for Hamacantha (Hamacantha) megancistra Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Hamacantha falcula (Bowerbank, 1874) 
Western Mediterranean for Hamacantha megancistra Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Hemimycale columella (Bowerbank, 1874) 
Western Mediterranean for Higginsia mediterranea Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Hymedesmia baculifera (Topsent, 1901) 
Western Mediterranean for Hymedesmia peachii Bowerbank, 1882 
Western Mediterranean for Hymedesmia versicolor (Topsent, 1893) 
Western Mediterranean for Hymeniacidon sanguinea (Grant, 1826) 
Western Mediterranean for Hymerhabdia typica Topsent, 1892 
Western Mediterranean for Microciona gradalis (Topsent, 1925) 
Western Mediterranean for Microciona strepsitoxa Hope, 1889 
Western Mediterranean for Microciona toxitenuis (Topsent, 1925) 
Western Mediterranean for Monocrepidium vermiculatum Topsent, 1898 
Western Mediterranean for Mycale contarenii (Lieberkühn, 1859) 
Western Mediterranean for Mycale massa (Schmidt, 1862) 
Western Mediterranean for Mycale rotalis (Bowerbank, 1874) 
Western Mediterranean for Mycale syrinx (Schmidt, 1862) 
Western Mediterranean for Myxilla iotrochotina (Topsent, 1892) 
Western Mediterranean for Myxilla rosacea (Lieberkühn, 1859) 
Western Mediterranean for Ophlitaspongia translata Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Pachychalina rustica Schmidt, 1868 
Western Mediterranean for Paratimea oxeata Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Paratimea oxeata Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Pellina semitubulosa (Lamarck, 1814) 
Western Mediterranean for Petrosia dura (Schmidt, 1862) 
Western Mediterranean for Plocamilla coriacea (Bowerbank, 1874) 
Western Mediterranean for Polymastia mamillaris (Müller, 1806)  (inaccurate)
Western Mediterranean for Prosuberites epiphytum (Lamarck, 1815)  (inaccurate)
Western Mediterranean for Prosuberites longispina Topsent, 1893 
Western Mediterranean for Prosuberites modestus Pulitzer-Finali, 1978 
Western Mediterranean for Protosuberites modestus (Pulitzer-Finali, 1978) 
Western Mediterranean for Pytheas rosea (Topsent, 1892) 
Western Mediterranean for Raspaciona aculeata (Johnston, 1842) 
Western Mediterranean for Raspailia viminalis Schmidt, 1862 
Western Mediterranean for Reniera cratera Schmidt, 1862 
Western Mediterranean for Reniera fulva Topsent, 1893 
Western Mediterranean for Reniera implexa Schmidt, 1868 
Western Mediterranean for Reniera omissa Griessinger, 1971 
Western Mediterranean for Reniera plana Topsent, 1892 
Western Mediterranean for Reniera sarai Pulitzer-Finali, 1969 
Western Mediterranean for Reniera valliculata Griessinger, 1971 
Western Mediterranean for Rhaphisia laxa Topsent, 1892 
Western Mediterranean for Rhizaxinella elongata (Ridley & Dendy, 1886) 
Western Mediterranean for Rhizaxinella gracilis (Lendenfeld, 1898) 
Western Mediterranean for Rhizaxinella pyrifera (Delle Chiaje, 1828) 
Western Mediterranean for Sigmatoxella annexa (Schmidt, 1870) 
Western Mediterranean for Spirastrella cunctatrix Schmidt, 1868 
Western Mediterranean for Spirastrella minax (Topsent, 1888) 
Western Mediterranean for Spongosorites intricatus (Topsent, 1892) 
Western Mediterranean for Stylopus dujardini (Bowerbank, 1866) 
Western Mediterranean for Stylopus nigrescens Topsent, 1925 
Western Mediterranean for Stylostichon fibulatum Topsent, 1893 
Western Mediterranean for Suberites domuncula (Olivi, 1792) 
Western Mediterranean for Suberites syringella (Schmidt, 1868) 
Holotype BMNH 1977.7.6.12, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Batzella friabilis Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:10, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Coelocalypta hyalina Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:11, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Hamacantha megancistra Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:1b, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Biemna tenuisigma Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:2b, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Biemna partenopea Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:3b, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Gellius marismedi Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:4b, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Timea geministellata Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:5b, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Higginsia mediterranea Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:6, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Prosuberites modestus Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:7, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Paratimea oxeata Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:8b, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Timea cumana Pulitzer-Finali, 1978
Holotype BMNH 1977:7:6:9, geounit Western Mediterranean, identified as Ophlitaspongia translata Pulitzer-Finali, 1978

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